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Lik Sang settles mod chip case with Sony

Written by Jari Ketola @ 26 Aug 2003 4:30 User comments (5)

Lik Sang settles mod chip case with Sony Hong Kong based Lik Sang International today announced it has settled the lawsuit with Sony out of court. Sony sued Lik Sang for distributing copy protection circumvention devices, also known as mod chips. Lik Sang has now agreed to cease trade in PlayStation modchips, and to refrain from publish any information regarding Sony's copy protection systems. Additionally Lik Sang will pay compensation to Sony.
Lik Sang is still in court with Nintendo and Microsoft in similar cases. According to The Register "the decision to settle with Sony was taken due to new developments in international law surrounding mod chips and similar devices, as well as for simple financial reasons." is currently operated by a new owner, and is not affected by the cases in question.

The Register

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5 user comments

126.8.2003 19:38

sony seems to be the ostrich again - If all playstation modchip sellers are stopped -does sony think that games sales will increase -i dont think so - imho- the only way games sales will increase is via more realistic pricing of games-it will be interesting to actually see how many playstations are sold if they cannot be modified to play backup copies LOL

226.8.2003 19:47

I know I won't buy a PS3 if it can't be modded. Thats a promise.

327.8.2003 07:42

WHAT???!!! No problem, I'll just get my modchip from elsewhere!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

427.8.2003 19:09

Dude ok so no more modchips??? Where in the history of anything, did stoping a certain way of pirating stoped pirating? Never. I'm not worried. I do agree, games must be reasonably priced, if no modchip then emualtor? mabey reversed engineered systems? Bootlegged systems without the copyprotection?

(adrenaline Is the closest Total freedom)

529.8.2003 04:38

hey what i say is if you like the game buy a copy if the game sux and you dont want to pay 30 - 60 dollars for it blockbuster here i come

wassup VB.NET ROCKS if you are not coding with visual your codes are all equally worthless

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