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Mod chips ruled legal in Australia

Written by Jari Ketola @ 29 Aug 2003 7:22 User comments (6)

Mod chips ruled legal in Australia Australian Federal Court has decided to allow Sony Playstation owners to "chip" their consoles. The decision makes it possible for Australians to modify the consoles so that they will play games from different regions, as well as copied games.
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) supported the individual sued by Sony Computer Entertainment in the case, and applauded the decision.

"Australian consumers can now enjoy games legitimately bought overseas, as well as authorised back-up copies, by legally having their consoles chipped," said ACCC chairman Professor Alan Fels.

The Australian Copyright Act prevents copyprotection circumvention devices, such as mod chips, if the copyright protection measures have no commercial significance. However in Sony's case the court saw that the protection was implemented to allow Playstation games to be priced differently in various regions.

Sony was disappointed by the ruling, and is concidering to appeal.


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6 user comments

129.8.2003 10:29

I think they made the right decission, even though the main benefit of having a modchip probably is the ability to play the game you copied from your friend.

229.8.2003 20:56

Well, looks like i'm moving to Australia

330.8.2003 4:39

Finally a decision from a court in favor of the people who own equipment. Now I hope my homeland of America will follow the lead on some similar issues. Congratulations Australia. Best to All! Rodgers

430.8.2003 11:12

Most Australian will rejoice in this news. A good decision. Now let's just pray Sony is in a good mood and doesn't decide to bitch about it and appeal.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

524.1.2004 7:59


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625.1.2004 9:55

Based on the decision made, apparently any appeal by Sony would lack merit. Best to all! Rodgers

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