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CloneCD moves to Antigua

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 12 Sep 2003 11:46 User comments (10)

Elaborate Bytes, the company behind CloneCD announced last night that they will sell the rights of CloneCD to an antiguan company, because developing tools such as CloneCD is virtually impossible in European Union after the EUCD legislation has been put in place in EU countries.
This is ElBy's press release:
Cham, 2003-09-11 - As a reaction to the new Copyright Law in Europe, Elaborate Bytes AG has to stop the distribution of CloneCD. The new law, which will come into force in Germany in the next days, will prohibit to copy protected media - even for private use.

CloneCD will neither be available as a boxed version in the big stores nor as an online version from Switzerland. Bilateral contracts between Switzerland and most of the European countries prohibit the sale from Switzerland to the respective countries.

Elaborate Bytes AG will sell the rights of CloneCD to SlySoft, a company located on Antigua. Only the online version of CloneCD will be available for sale on the Internet. The price will approximately stay the same and the clients of Elaborate Bytes will keep their one-year free update rights.

At this point the team of Elaborate Bytes will say thank you for the long-standing loyality of its costumers and hopes that the new products will lead to the same satisfaction ;-)

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10 user comments

112.9.2003 12:36

It's a shame... Let's hope the new programmers know what they're doing!
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212.9.2003 22:38

Are the European comity thinks the stop copying? Perhaps the have the biggist collection at home.

313.9.2003 3:02

Great, EUCD is forcing european corporations to move out of the EU. That cant be good.

413.9.2003 10:42

Erm.....can I still download CloneCD then? Like a trial version or something. I thought it was free!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

514.9.2003 4:43

As one living near Antigua this must be a positive developement for the Caribbean, its to be hoped the infinitely bribeable politicians are not paid to legislate against this company

614.9.2003 18:29

My bet is Elaborate Bytes havent really sold it, they are just changing names and moving to Antigua (wherever that is). Then they can still work on the software legally. They will probably still be the same people, not new people altogether.


715.9.2003 4:04

Antigua is in the Caribbean midway between Guadeloupe and St Martin

815.9.2003 5:06

sounds more like lets run befor we are sued buy everyone who has put out a cd or dvd... really as we in the states say if its offshore then it has to be dirty.....(money) lets see bank robbers,drug dealers, and insurance fraud money alog with mob money and stole corprate money always end up in the Islands sad but true.... but the Islands for as buitiful as they are its a hard life to live there most of the Islands are 3rd world in medical treatment and food shortages are common place.. so its about time the learn to devolpe other incomes... good for them and good for anyone tring to help evryone backup their stuff......oh wait if I back up my cd or dvd with software its illeagle but if I buy a panasonic vcr-dvd burner its ok to back up the old tapes .... wow now that dosnt seem right dose it.....

917.9.2003 15:49

Doesn't make sense to me. Why haven't they stop selling CloneDVD? It copies protected media too.

1012.10.2003 2:14

CloneDVD does not copy protected media. DVD needs to be de-crypted first.

The old school is back. All hail the new !

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