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SBC challenges RIAA's subpoenas

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 16 Sep 2003 13:08 User comments (10)

SBC challenges RIAA's subpoenas SBC Communications, the 2nd largest "Baby Bell" (regional phone operator, Verizon being the biggest "Baby Bell") in the U.S., has refused to hand out its subscribers' personal details to the RIAA.
Despite Verizon losing its similiar case in June, SBC has announced that it will fight every single one of the subpoenas in court if necessary or until the court decides that they have to hand out the details for every subpoena request they receive.

SBC has sued the RIAA over the subpoena demands in California. SBC is the biggest broadband provider in the U.S. with over three million broadband subscribers. It is also the only ISP since Verizon lost its case in June that has refused to co-operate with RIAA. RIAA has quickly responded to SBC's statements pointing out to a recent SBC's print advertisement that said, in part: "Download all the music you like. And all the music you sort of, kind of, maybe even a little bit like. Go MP3 crazy. Try new music. Build a song library. Whatever." and claimed the SBC's only motivation to protect its customers against RIAA is pure greed. According to SBC, last time the ad was run was in January 2002 and it is totally "irrelevant to the current issue of consumer privacy and protection".

Source: New York Times (requires free registration)

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10 user comments

116.9.2003 15:04

and claimed the SBC's only motivation to protect its customers against RIAA is pure greed
SAYS THE RIAA?????????????????????????????

216.9.2003 21:35

NOw thats funny. The RIAA talking about GREED!! Im sure that 12 year old girl had loads of money just lieing around just waiting to give those greedy bastards Unreal..just unreal!!

317.9.2003 4:35

SAYS THE RIAA?????????????????????????????
Funny, I was thinking the exact same thing.

417.9.2003 7:01

well with the latest revelation of where the prevoisly unreleased media was traced to insiders to the music and film industry makes you think .... who would in their right mind even listin to the RIAA... most judges will now have to rule in favor of the p2ps clearly the music and movie industry conspired to set up everyone to down load matreal that wouldn't have been there if not for them....

517.9.2003 12:07

It is typical film/music mentality. "Anything to get our way". They want to be in control of what we can share/download. That's the only way they can make money off of each and every download. They(RIAA) wil be able to set prices and regulate what and when we will be able to download/share. Now if thats not pure motivation by greed I'm not sure what is..... This whole thing is getting stupid. I hope a Judge can see through their game and bring some common sense to the table. but then again its the court system........

617.9.2003 14:17

Are ISP customers dropping their service if their provider has turned "infringer's" info over to the RIAA??? Not a bad idea but I don't think so. So how does protecting it's customer's privacy make SBC greedy? I really wanna know!

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

717.9.2003 15:34

Finally some services are getting some balls and standing up for their subscribers. Greed or not, I would rather have a service that has its customers in mind over and above the ridiculous intentions of the RIAA. I only hope that other ISP's get the same idea and make this as difficult a process as they are able to for the RIAA.

817.9.2003 19:22

I would ONLY use an ISP that keeps its customers info far away from the RIAA! And I hope this method of subpoena is ruled unconstitutional (sooner the better) I cant believe the congress has been helping the RIAA by giving them this powerful subpoena method (which they abuse)! It should also be unconstitutional to take thousands of people to court under one subpoena also and illegal to combine all the cases into one trial or case (perposterous if they think they could ever get away with that, it would be a downright blight to humanity)

918.9.2003 6:19

I see it has been quoted already but "..and claimed the SBC's only motivation to protect its customers against RIAA is pure greed" .. isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black ?!?!?!?! that statement alone has made my entire day for comic relief .. and i've just got up .. haha

1022.9.2003 18:49

I too am glad that an ISP is standing up for it's customers. I use SBC and love the great DSL service. Now I have another reason to love them.

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