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Grokster fights to maintain favourable ruling

Written by Jari Ketola @ 17 Sep 2003 14:11 User comments (4)

Peer-to-peer company Grokster has filed a reponse to the appeal made by RIAA looking to overturn the earlier ruling, which found Grokster, as a software, legal.
In the ruling Judge Wilson compared Grokster to a video recorder. Both have illegal uses, but also substantial legitimate uses as well. The manufacturer of the product cannot be held liable for possible illegal uses.

Grokster president Wayne Rosso feels that instead of pursuing their rights through courts, RIAA should instead focus on licensing legitimate content to P2P users. "Five bucks a month from each of 60 million file sharers beats the hell out of filing a federal case to get $2,000 from a 12 year-old girl" Mr. Rosso was quoted commenting.


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4 user comments

118.9.2003 5:45

well said! I say we start a fund and get that girl back her money!

218.9.2003 11:15

the owners of the kazza premium service payed it for her. There was an artice about it somewhere

319.9.2003 16:59

yes they did pay the $2000, thats was a good thing, God will bless them, and I know the mother appreciated that to the highest. Those dogs will get theirs.

420.9.2003 7:05

The quote is nice isn't it?

(adrenaline Is the closest Total freedom)

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