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Australian label promotes a band through Kazaa

Written by Jari Ketola @ 18 Sep 2003 2:49 User comments (6)

Australian label promotes a band through Kazaa Australian independent record laebl 301 Records, and Sharman Networks, the makers of peer-to-peer file sharing software Kazaa Media Desktop, announced a digital promotion deal on Wednesday. With the deal 301 Records promotes one of their bands through Kazaa.
The content from the band, The Honey Palace will be made available for purchase through Sharman's affiliate partner Altnet. Kazaa users can sample the video and audio content through Kazaa Media Desktop, and purchase songs for just US25 cents per track.

Altnet offers a secure way to offer content via a P2P network. The Altnet files appear as gold icon files in the Kazaa Media Desktop search results and can be easily purchased using Altnet's seamless payment gateway.

Michael Browning, Managing Director of 301 Records, said: "We're always looking for innovative ways to launch artists into both local and international markets. Peer to peer technology provides artists and distributors with a low cost, high impact way of reaching millions of global music fans."

301 Records Press Release

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6 user comments

118.9.2003 3:49

This is a good sign, and a quite nice price on each track. I hope the big-ass US-labels follow 301 Records' example, but I guess it´s a slim chance of that happening.

218.9.2003 10:27

Your right on that count, because in the US, it's money that makes the world go around. And as long as there are still people that buy CDs at there high prices, they will continue to charge at that price. But if one, just one record label starts to do what 301 has done, and is successful in it, then maybe, just maybe that the whole industry would catch on. But they might consider doing more if they run the p2p program themselves.

310.3.2004 5:14

The main thing i'm stoked with is that I have found a new band that says somthing and ROCKS! Cool tunes and art without the corporate wrap. I found out about these guys on a "Quarterlifecrisis website and have since found trails of info about them on the web. P2P kicks and I hope 301Records and ofcourse the Honey Palace dont get swallowed up by the anal vortex of money focused industry! their site is: The Palace ROCK!

411.3.2004 5:18

on a similair note not that I care for him or his music but george michael is apparently finished with the big music labels that bled most of us dry as youngsters with tripe they called music....he is going to make his music in future free to download online you can donate if you wish I think thats a GOOD sign against the domineering big record labels

::LivE ForeveR OR DiE TryiN!!::....::DonT FinD US WE WilL FinD YoU::..
ChecK OuT ThE PenguiN GamE AnD PosT YouR HighesT DistancE ON ThE ForuM

511.3.2004 7:23

I heard he was simply retiring.

612.3.2004 17:07

nah in future he will donate his music 4 free

::LivE ForeveR OR DiE TryiN!!::....::DonT FinD US WE WilL FinD YoU::..
ChecK OuT ThE PenguiN GamE AnD PosT YouR HighesT DistancE ON ThE ForuM

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