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Napster ad campaign praised and criticized

Written by Jari Ketola @ 23 Sep 2003 2:01

Napster ad campaign praised and criticized The street advertisement campaign for the Napster 2.0 music store has gained both praise and criticism from advertising profesionals. The campaign, running in six U.S. cities, consists of realistic posters defaced with stickers of the well known Napster kitty logo. The impression is very realistic indeed.
Lucian James, a San Francisco marketer, isn't a big fan of the campaign. "Telling people something is cool, or trying to appropriate cool things like graffiti, is usually the best way to kill something with cool potential," James said.

Co-founder of street art organization Wooster Collective, Mark Schiller, on the other hand considers the campaign very well executed. "In my personal opinion, Napster's is probably the best one (sniping campaign) even though it isn't the first," Schiller said. "If this is going to be the trend, then Napster's done a much better job than others who have tried this."

For photos of the campaign, click the link below.

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