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Sanyo announces corn-based optical disc

Written by Jari Ketola @ 01 Oct 2003 0:49 User comments (15)

Sanyo Mavic Media has developed an optical disc labeled MildDisc. The disc is based on polylactic acid taken from corn.
It takes about 85 kernels of corn to make a CD. When discarded, the disc will be dissolved by bacteria to carbon dioxide, water, and inorganic substances in two to eight months.

The European Union has adopted directives, which require that all electronics devices sold within the union must be lead-free by June 2006.

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15 user comments

11.10.2003 7:17

What is the shelf-life of these discs when *not* "discarded"?

21.10.2003 11:57

BobL- Excellent question.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

31.10.2003 12:21

Hmm yeah I was wondering that too, I mean you wouldn't want to find that, after a couple of months, your favourite 'milddisk' has decomposed!

41.10.2003 12:28

Bon Appétit :)

51.10.2003 13:43

Sounds a bit like crap to me. LOL

61.10.2003 18:03

Great!! When it's time to "discard" it you can make microwave popcorn..

72.10.2003 4:21

Symon> I thought this article sounded a bit like an April Fools joke myself. - Bob

82.10.2003 5:13

hey can I get them to go with a little catsup? really this would help Disney with they discardable rentals they are tring to develope... but again will dipping them into some form of sealer make them pemanate.... I can buy a cd coating kit to fix scratches will that keep them from becoming chicken food?

92.10.2003 13:53

ok, there is a little diffrence between 2 to eight months, i think that i would like to have little more life span for one and the diffrence so big tells me they are not sure about their product. they should know about exactly how long it will last. to me this is crap, but good for video rentals i suppose and economically safe. so when your done watching, throw it out into the yard, yeah lets make our land even more shitty.

Broken Signal

105.10.2003 0:07

Polylactic acid made from corn has been around for a long time by the way.... we should start making styrofoam and plasic wrap and pop bottles and packaging with the biodegradable version of the polylactic acid instead of cd's.... You can make polylactic acid in a different way too so that it won't biodegrade. Do you have any idea what the implications of this are...its way bigger that freeking cd's, we can use PLA(polylactic acid) to make car bodies and computers, clothes(yes its soft, you cant even tell its not cotten) and carpet(berber is made from platic right now) and a whole ton of other applications. Another good thing is its just as cost effective as petroleum based polymers (thats what plastic is made out of right now!) So we can start to use PLA for everything and stop importing so much darn oil! All the farmers who grow corn will be rich, do you realize how much stuff in our society is made out of platic right now....just about everthing, a lot of the stuff you dont even realize is made from plastic,lol, womens nylons for example. we could make soft biodegradable plastic toilet paper with this stuff....the possibilities are endless

115.10.2003 10:17

But I want carrot-flavoured discs!!! And don't diss teh toilet paper, Actuator.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

125.10.2003 13:32

toiletman: there is some research into PLA from other crops,but dont get too excited just yet! ****NOW THE DOWN SIDE OF THE STORY**** (Genetic Pollution) That corn is all genetically engineered by Cargill Dow - "a world leader in genetic engineering" Cargill Dow doesnt want people to know about this part! "Minnesota-based Cargill is both the world's largest privately held company and the planet's largest producer of corn. In fact, it already controls about 60% of the corn market in India" "The proliferation of genetic pollution through these GE crops has the potential to be the greatest environmental disaster in history, and it is highly disingenuous to claim this is green when it uses GE corn, said Craig Culp of Greenpeace USA." **** Here are some scary thing to know..especially if you hate genetically engineered crops: "Bees and wind spread the pollen of genetically engineered plants just as they do with other plants, and in this case they also spread the artificial genes." "Fragments of artificial genes inserted into foods were detected in the brain cells of baby mice in research conducted Dr. Walter Doefler of the Institute of Genetics, University of Cologne.(1) Conventional wisdom had previously assumed that genetic material was destroyed in the process of digestion. The research emerged on the UTV World in Action programme last Monday." sources:

135.10.2003 13:53

Kellogs frosted corn flakes are made with genetically engineered corn by the way! Not that you will be eating cd's made from the stuff - but its a way to create a non-food market for genetically engineered crops. "The obvious implication: by creating massive non-food markers for genetically engineered (GE) products, Cargill and other biotech companies expect to do an end run around the global campaign to stop GE proliferation. They hope that by creating so many products with such an irresistible green appeal, any voices of concern will be drowned out by the sheer weight of the marketplace." READ THIS "Farms have replaced factories as the largest polluters of America's waterways, and animal waste is the largest contributor to pollution in 60% of the rivers and streams classified as 'impaired' by the EPA. Animal manure outweighs human waste 130 times." Almost 75% of the planet's natural genetic crop diversity has disappeared in the last century, according to the UN Food and Agricultural Organization. source:

145.10.2003 19:26

Wow... this is all very interesting (no sarcasm intended... well.. not a lot). The major problem i think will be marketing this kind of product hehe

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155.10.2003 19:45

you know whats really hard it is to keep up on the interesting stuff...people always try to hide the really interesting stuff from us - which for whatever reason is pretty interesting.

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