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Microsoft launches Windows XP Media Center 2004

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 30 Sep 2003 15:42 User comments (6)

Microsoft continues its push towards consumers' living rooms by releasing a new version of its Windows XP Media Center operating system, dubbed as Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004.
Company has so far failed to lure consumers to switch to Media Center "revolution" and now tries to put more pressure behind the concept of "living room media center" by adding new features, such as CD ripping, more flexible audio streaming and ability to print photos via system's remote control.

So-called HTPC (home theatre PC) boom has been growing quite rapidly during the last year or so, but consumers have so far opted to use cheap Mini-ITX boxes equipped with either Linux or more traditional versions of Windows. Most of the analysts consider this to be simply because of high cost of Media Center PCs compared to self-built projects.

Now Microsoft has signed new names to its support list, including Sony and Dell and also cheapest Media Center devices come now with price tag less than $1000.


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6 user comments

11.10.2003 18:06

Next thing you know Bill will be telling you what movies you can and cannot watch ....

21.10.2003 19:21

No doubt they will try and put some kind of anti-copying protection into it, but I would get it if it was available for me to put in my home built system...if it is really easier to navigate for the entertainment pc use.

35.10.2003 6:43

Hey, this sounds cool. I wonder if the software it comes with supports DVD ripping.

Comp 1: Dell Inspiron P4 2.4Ghz / 512 MB RAM with 24x CD-RW and Firewire In, SVideo Out running XP Pro
Comp 2: Dell Dimension P3 550Mhz / 384MB RAM with old 2x CD-RW running XP Home.

429.5.2004 10:25

this looks grrrreeeeeaaaattttt

529.5.2004 10:25

this looks grrrreeeeeaaaattttt

61.6.2004 5:12

I have seen (and used) a Gateway Media Center machine and I can tell you that I was not impress with Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004.As an OS it’s nothing more than an glorified version of Windows XP.I really didn’t see any real improvement.

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