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LA Critics call off their awards in protest

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 20 Oct 2003 2:59 User comments (3)

LA Critics call off their awards in protest Influential Los Angeles Film Critics Association has announced that they wont hold their annual awards this year at all, unless MPAA repeals its decision to ban movie screeners for critics and voters of Academy Awards.
"The ban on screeners seriously inhibits our ability to work as professionals and compromises the integrity and fairness of the evaluative process," the group said in a statement.

Group says that MPAA's decision to ban screeners (DVD or VHS releases of recently-released movies distributed to critics and Oscar voters) in fear of piracy, makes critics' work "almost physically impossible" due sheer amount of movie releases between mid-November and Christmas.

MPAA's decision has sparked tons of protests from influential Hollywood directors, actors, lobby groups and union reps. It is rumored that MPAA is holding private negotiations with major movie studios in order to solve the conflict.

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3 user comments

120.10.2003 15:42

Good news, but its still too bad they were disinterested until it affected them directly.

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221.10.2003 16:06

Yeah ,, Ohhhhh Myyyyy now the industry is affecting my wallet.. Now get just a glimpse of the unimportance is place on the working man ///other than ""He/She"" is not our demographic...move on...don't need ya and never will..critic

322.10.2003 16:15

Ban screeners, and you put a lot of lives in ruin. That will make the percentage of jobless people even higher. Great. Nice going MPAA.

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