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More than 2 billion DVD titles shipped

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 21 Oct 2003 15:45 User comments (8)

According to Digital Entertainment Group, American and Canadian have bought over 2 billion DVD-Video discs since format's launch back in 1997. This year alone, studios have sold over 640 million DVDs (three first quarters of the year 2003) and anticipate to reach nearly billion shipped movies this year alone. Last year, DVD sales exceeded 685 million units in North America.
DVD as a format has managed to break virtually all the records in the consumer electronics ever made. Currently it seems that over half of the U.S. households will have a DVD player by the end of this year, as currently there are over 73 million DVD players in the U.S.

Source: BusinessWire

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8 user comments

121.10.2003 20:07

What's a "dee-vee-dee"? Is they a new thing? Wills I need a new machine to plays 'em on? (I don't gets out very much). Many thanks. -- Newbie Mike --

222.10.2003 6:35

Right Klingon, its a bit like a CD, except its got wings. You dont need a special machine, in fact it should play just fine in your Tape machine. The trick is you have to rub it really hard to make the wings stand up really erect, and there is a moment in which it gets reall excited, it flies really fast toward a machine (make sure it is pointed in the direction of the required machine) and enters it with Fury. It will then commence on spilling its data onto the machine allowing you to hear and see its inner secrets (Movies). I Highly recommend you get one. :-D

322.10.2003 11:46

Klingon- DVD is actually an acronym for "Diablo's Voracity Doohickey". All you need to use them is CASH. Lot's of it. A BILLION shipped DVDs this year and the MPAA still feels compelled to ban screeners for the oscars to supress "piracy". How can they stop counting money long enough to even worry about it? BOUNDLESS GREED.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

422.10.2003 12:03

Just for clarity, Diablo's Voracity Doohickey = Satan's Greed Thing Kinda sounds like a song title...

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

523.10.2003 7:51

oriphus: The trick is you have to rub it really hard to make the wings stand up really erect... Gorsh! [drool......] I gotta gets me one of these things! [pant....pant]. What is that lil' hole in the middle of the deesk for??? [pant.....pant] (Note To Lasse: I humbly solicit forgiveness & tolerance in my silly meanderings; it's just that Oriphus put me up to it.) grayarea: Is them Holliewood types really that greedy? NAH! SAY it isn't SO! Friend Gray: Never in the history of mankind have conglomerates ever bilked/screwed/co-ereced/robbed/waylaid/lied-to/controlled/propegandized/shafted Mr., Miss and Mrs. Consumer more than (in no particular order) the Hollywood Movie Industry (MPAA); RIAA; AOL; and Mr. Microsoft himself, Willy Gates. Erect? Did you say "Erect" oriphus?

623.10.2003 9:31


XP 2400+
256 PC266 DDR RAM
80 GIG IBM 7,200 RPM
RADEON 9200 128DDR
Pioneer 16x DVD-ROM
Pioneer 105 4x DVD-R
Current Archieving 682 DVDs,329 Ps2

724.10.2003 4:51

The hole in the middle of the disc is the most cleaver part of the DVD. You put it on a pole or something similar. it needs to be sturding to take the rubbing you are going to do. This is where the DVD is launched from. You should try it. My only problem is that i am unbale to locate a pole that is narrow enough to fit in the hole.

828.10.2003 15:38

This is interesting. First thing is that hollywood is trying to take our fair use rights away and make it illegal to back up a DVD. Well this is nonsense since we have the right to back up the media we purchase. Now the MPAA can't say they are losing anything due to Piracy. This anti piracy thing is way out of control and someone needs to reign these people in before they really make a even bigger mess out of things. Voodoohippie

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