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Motorola puts Real into Linux-phones

Written by Jari Ketola @ 22 Oct 2003 14:52

Motorola and RealNetworks have partnered to create a mobile phone based on Linux-operating system, that will incorporate a software for streaming Real video and audio.
Both Motorola and RealNetworks have been quite active on supporting and utilizing Linux in their ventures. Real's Helix is an open-source technology for streaming media, developed by both RealNetworks, and independent developers. Motorola has already released a Linux-based smart phone, the A760, and sold its stake in Symbian earlier this year. The company is heavily committed on both open-source Linux-based products as well as Microsoft Windows Mobile (Smartphone) technology.

Motorola believes that an open-source platform leads to rapid application development, and hence quick deployment of new services. RealNetworks software will be delivered to people through Motorola's HelloMoto-service.


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