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Prepaid cards to Napster v2.0

Written by Jari Ketola @ 27 Oct 2003 13:10 User comments (3)

Prepaid cards to Napster v2.0 The Napster v2.0 online music store will start offering prepaid cards at retail outlets shortly after the service has been opened. Using the cards teenagers and other consumers, who don't have access to a credit card, purchase songs from the service.
The Napster Card will cost $14.85, and with one card the user can download 15 songs. By mid-November, the card will be available on 14,000 locations, such as Best Buy and Safeway. The Napster Card allows a huge new consumer base access to on-line music shopping. The youth/teenager market has so far been neglected by other services.

Roxio, who bought Napster's assets, will launch the Napster v2.0 service next Wednesday.


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3 user comments

127.10.2003 13:42

If they think this is "technologically attractive", then they should think again. Go to Hong Kong, and there are USB port machines anywhere. All you do is buy a MP3 with a USB port. (Everyone uses them now in HK). And you can download practically any song for just 2 or 3 dollars. About 20-30 pence. P.S. I like this idea. You can download songs that you want and not buy the whole cd.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

228.10.2003 5:19

I prefer the idea of free music with the option to donate via paypal or something lol - I produce various styles of electronic music.

320.11.2003 14:21

Hmmm 14.95 for 15 tracks. Well that is not too bad but most CD's are about 20 songs. But I see that this is the future of music is to buy onlike.

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