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New lawsuits filed by RIAA

Written by Jari Ketola @ 30 Oct 2003 14:34 User comments (13)

RIAA reported on Thursday having filed 80 new lawsuits against suspected file swappers. Earlier this month RIAA sent warning letters to users who were in danger of being sued.
In the first wave of lawsuits RIAA sent 261 subpoenas to users accused of sharing large numbers of copyrighted music online. This time RIAA sent 204 warning letters beforehand, and 124 of those lead to an out of court settlement. RIAA is pleased by both the publicity it has gained, and the fact that a majority of the new cases were settled without a trial.

There is some evidence that the controversial RIAA lawsuits against ordinary computer users are making a dent in the file-swapping world. According to Web analysis firm Nielsen/NetRatings, weekly usage of the Kazaa software in the United States plummeted from a high of 7 million people in early June to just 3.2 million people in late October.

However still reports 2.1 million weekly downloads for Kazaa software.


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13 user comments

130.10.2003 17:25

Let them throw their weight around, they probably dont realise that if people stop using kazaa, they are probably just using a better p2p app!

230.10.2003 18:12

There is some evidence that the controversial RIAA lawsuits against ordinary computer users are making a dent in the file-swapping world. Hahahahahah!!! That's cuz everyone else moved to SoulSeek, or BearShare, or Earth Station 5. I guess I'm one of those loyal Kazaa lite followers eh? Too bad I'm in Canada, nyah RIAA!!

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

331.10.2003 5:09

Kind of OT, but you guys brought it up... Since Kazaa Lite doesn´t work on my computer and since Imesh features those beloved little spyware-buggers, what would recomend as an alternative?

431.10.2003 6:50

DC++ all the way!!!!!!!!

531.10.2003 12:15

Fuck Earth Station 5 *spits at earth station 5*

631.10.2003 13:38

ARES GALAXY!!!! its by far the best ive used.

I remember when dinosaurs roamed the land
I remember when thinkin the earth is flat was cool...
but most of all...i remember when the Apple ruled the schools...GO NUMBER MUNCHERS!!!

731.10.2003 13:49

Ghostdog- (good halloween handle by the way...) I have this feeling I'll get flamed for this... I think e-mule is pretty cool. has some good links and how to info about it.

We mustn't lower ourselves to the level of those we loathe, lest we become loathsome ourselves.

831.10.2003 20:48

nice going everyone, lets tell the Fu!@#$ world were you go to download. na, just kidding. thise are probablly some good places for downloads and shit, but the best wayis to not download at all. id rather not take the risk a all. well good luck to all of you guys.

Broken Signal

91.11.2003 0:31

For people outside america the risk is very small. Thanks for the tips so far guys. What about Overnet? I was thinking of giving that a shot.

101.11.2003 10:09

RIAA = commie bastards. Die you scum! DIE!!

113.11.2003 9:53

it looks like all was over looked that Kazza was hacked and had a tracking software installed by the RIAA and thats how they nabed everyone , hey a friend of mine has atleast 300 cds with 153-181 mp3s on them and his was an origonal release not the kazza lite . so now whos scamming who the riaa couldnt have caught anyone if not for the software that they released. isnt that intrapment?

1210.11.2003 14:22

riaa get away with breaking the law, who is the law that allows these commie nazi tactics to do their breaking and intering our house?? Ive done my part.I dont buy any movies any more,no audio cds. IF it is so that people havebeen deleting files ,Really..Mystic, if people would use thier power of cash instead of lip service, ther would be NO riaa and they know this..ther is nothing to fear but FEAR its self, the word is Chicken . goverment for the riaa, aint that something..Like our forefathers they fought for what they believed in,,think about it . The Greedie alway riaa people live on the fear tactic..WE ARE THE LAW OF THE LAND ,AND GETTING WEAKER BY THE MIN. we DONT SPEND THE CASH! HEY DONT HAVE ANY MONEY LOLOLO!

1310.11.2003 16:03

As I said before, I don't spend a dime anymore on cd's. Screw the money people. I go to the library and get dozens of cd's and copy them and it's free, as in freedom. My son-in-law has a band and the agents and producers are making the money off his talent. And, I said before, where is the law when the RIAA uses the sites to get info and then says if we delete the files, we are deleting evidence. What else has the RIAA been looking at in my computer, what info are they stealing? Oh,that wasn't very bright Toiletman, close the lid!!! If I have music on my computer, how can the RIAA say that it was downloaded just because I belong to p2p? America, home of the free! HA!

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