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TiVo now has 1 million customers

Written by Jari Ketola @ 06 Nov 2003 15:47 User comments (1)

Digital video recorder company TiVo has reached a customer base of one million with help from DirecTV. DirecTV provides satellite TV receivers with built in TiVo technology. Other manufacturers, such as Pioneer and Toshiba have also bundled some of their DVD player models with TiVo.
TiVO allows users to pause live TV and digitally record TV shows on a hard disk drive. Digital video recorders, or DVRs are gaining in popularity as consumers are finding the added value services interesting and worth paying for.

You can find discussions related to DVR, PVR (Personal Video Recorder), and other interesting topics at our Digital TV discussion forum. We've also just opened a Home Theater PC forum, so if you're interested in making a HTPC of your own, you might find it also worth checking out!


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1 user comment

17.11.2003 8:04

What good will these be after the FCC mandated Broadcast flag is implemented? I'm sure the prices will be coming down on these devices shortly in order to get rid of the devices in their inventory that will be useless soon.


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