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Households deleting music files

Written by Jari Ketola @ 06 Nov 2003 14:40 User comments (11)

According to research group NPD more than a million households deleted all digital music files on their PCs in August. NPD says that the increased "intrest" in deleting files is mostly thanks to RIAA's anti-piracy campaign.
NPD has tracked deletions since May 2003. Back then 606,000 households deleted files, when in August the number of households reached 1,4 million.

Another study by NPD showed, as could be expected, that the public image of the recording industry has suffered from aggressive methods used by the RIAA in hunting down private file sharers.

One could, however, question the numbers shown in the study. Would you admit to having pirated files on your computer, if a stranger, allegedly from a research company, called you up and asked about them? Especially with all the publicity around the RIAA lawsuits. Doubtfully.


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11 user comments

16.11.2003 15:48

They deleted all the files cuz they had burnt it on a CD. What you gonna do next RIAA eh? Ban CD-Rs?

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

26.11.2003 20:51

PUHAHAHHAHAH plz ban cd-rs RIAA I'd really like to see you try it, ahem I mean u bastards r really trying too hard trying to find file sharers but the real deal is you guys will never stop piracy unless the law passes which wont because we all have a right to dl stuff that we already own

37.11.2003 7:59

I think that the campaign the RIAA has embarked upon has permanetly placed a mark on themselves as an evil organization out to get the consumer. I for one will not purchase anymore music from any label that is associated with them or for another matter any label that uses copy protection to take my fair use rights away.


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47.11.2003 8:01

I support the indie artists instead, I frequent sites like or and look for music there that the indies post/sell.


Intel 440BX MB, Dual Intel 1.2Ghz P3's, 2GB RAM
TDK 440N, 390GB ATI AIW 8500DV Win2k Srvr

57.11.2003 10:09

Why not get kazaa lite, they can't even look at the songs you have, don't be scared, share music with others as long as you delete it within 24 as in accordance with the RIAA laws of course

622.11.2003 11:51

I hope it doesn't happen up here in Canada. It probally won't because our companies are sloppy and can't get peoples ip's from isp's so easily, plus they'll go broke after a while. They are so shitty here...............thankfully....... :)

727.4.2004 14:08

only use kazaa lite if you have file sharing disabled so they cant connect to you, or if you are more paranoid you can use bit torrent for all your download needs. But I would just be a good citizen and purchase the cd's I want and then make my own music mix cds :p

828.4.2004 14:11

Don't hop on Bit Torrent so fast there sonny - that is definitely one of the least secure file sharing methods available, despite its inherent speed advantage over so many others.

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91.5.2004 8:32

I agree with Matt, Bit Torrent is the least secure method. Like handing you buddy a burned cd in front of chairman of RIAA

104.5.2004 12:15

I don't think I have a single thing on my harddrive that I didn't legally purchase. I'm just not into MP3 and I never download anything. Still, I think the RIAA has crossed the line. In America, the laws allow some copying as part of Fair Use, but that very concept has stuck in the RIAA's craw since the beginning.

114.5.2004 13:14

That is exactly the mentality that needs to be brought about in the minds of voters in order to enact real change. If this thing really gets stirred up and becomes an issue of principle to all the common Joe Americans out there, there will be politicians who will want to garner those votes. At least that is my hope, that people from all walks of life will see the folly in organizations such as the RIAA and in legislation such as the Patriot Act. Otherwise, the gov't can feel free to trample us at their leisure for as long as they see fit.

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