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Record companies sue ISP employees

Written by Jari Ketola @ 14 Nov 2003 18:20 User comments (8)

The case around, the Australian web site linking to MP3 files, escalates, as the record labels involved in the lawsuit are expanding the case to involve three people from ISP Com-Cen -- two directors, and an employee.
The employee, Chris Takoushis, arranged the deal between Com-Cen and the Web site. "An employee of a company can be brought into proceedings if they knew what the company was doing was illegal," said Michael Speck, General Manager of Music Industry Piracy Investigations.

The claims and demands made by the industry are outright ridiculous. Can you sue someone for renting an apartment for a music pirate? Hell no! The music industry needs to get a grip on reality, and stop shooting their lawsuit shotgun in public.

Read all about the farse at:
ZDNet Australia

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8 user comments

115.11.2003 19:13

"and stop shooting their lawsuit shotgun in public" More like an autosniper handled by a n00b. Just hitting anyone and then putting a 150,000 dollars a song fine on them.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

217.11.2003 6:50

The record companies last big hurrah I guess. Sue everyone and lets forget about our customers, since we don't need them or is it they will buy our stuff anyway? I for one will not buy it, support Indies only!


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317.11.2003 9:02

And the reason for all of this is because back in 1998 when they tried to kill Napster the general computer user just too everything for granted and figured that it was their God given right so of course it would never get taken away. Now look at what is going on. You the people are at fault because you had the chance to do something and all of you did nothing. So remember this as you watch your rights get flushed down the tiolet. And next time you'll jump at the enemy instead of the lazy tactics you all practice. Voodoohippie

417.11.2003 10:24

yeah! YOU PEOPLE are the fault! Lazy bastards! go VUDOO! we need to be more like you and and whatever it is you did in the late 90s to prevent this while we lazy people did nothing because ... well... you must have done something really great. but i cant quite think of what it was. sure wish i knew. so that i could no longer be a lazy tactics practicing person. and watch my rights get flushed. because thats bad. and i should have done something. but im lazy. we all are. im so ashamed. for all of us. you dumbass.

517.11.2003 14:39

Sorry, I didn't know much about computers when 8 and I had a 233Mhz computer and a 28.8kb connection.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

617.11.2003 17:59

Well I can say that I did sign petitions and the like. I keep in touch with what is going on behind enemy lines. I educate the public and I've even brought these sort of jubjects up in a public place. I brought it up in computer stores, computer shows, internet parties, and other places. I do get around and I at least am not afraid to voice my opinion of the RIAA and many people do not agree with me. To some I am just a thug who some people think should go to jail because I exercize my know how and file share with proxy servers. Voodoohippie

722.11.2003 12:10

Should be more like us up here in Canada.......j/k Our companies are just shit and can't do anything because there so stupid, but that's a good thing because I still get free music. :) Hey at least yous can buy drugs from us for cheap.

813.12.2003 15:10

No kidding the US really sucks. It is the land of the corporate ownership. Voodoohippie

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