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Sony to launch PSX on the 13th

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 27 Nov 2003 5:46 User comments (10)

Sony to launch PSX on the 13th Sony staff is not superstitious. They have today announced that the turbo charged version of the PS2, known as the PSX, will hit the stores as early as December the 13th of the year 2003. It seems that Sony didn’t want to miss out the Christmas sales with their high end product. Unfortunately, the western part of the world has to wait a little bit further as the December release is targeted to Japan only.
In case one didn’t know, the PSX is the new high end device by Sony, which is based on the PS2 hardware. It features a digital TV tuner, DVD recordable drive, a hard drive (various size options) and DVR (Digital Video Recorder) abilities.
A PSX with a 160-gigabyte HDD will sell for 79,800 yen ($731) and be able to record up to 204 hours of television, the company said. It will also sell a 250-gigabyte version for 99,800 yen.

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10 user comments

127.11.2003 10:42

Sony has wasted time and money on this one. It is a great add-on to PS2, but not a necessary one. The one thing that will turn everyone off is the ridiculous prices of the PSX. Sony should have just concentrated on making their next system, instead of putting time and effort into the PSX.

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227.11.2003 11:12

I agree, plus why buy this when it's way cheaper to just upgrade your computer to do this.

327.11.2003 11:25

The controler must have alot of buttons lol. Or it has a jumbo sized remote, hehe.

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427.11.2003 18:06

To me, it seems odd to merge a game console with this type of product. For example, if you've got the DVR option set to record some shows, and you're playing a videogame, what happens? Or does the PSX not have the ability to play PS2 games?

527.11.2003 21:30

I do see the point in this "media center" concept. Devices connected to my (Sony) TV: -PSone -DVD player -VCR -PC TV-out The TV broadcasting companies and the finnish goverment want me to get a digital TV receiver as well, so it would the 5th device. Now thats a crapload of SCART-cabling. If I could combine a market leading game machine, a DVR and a DVD-player into just one device, it would make things a whole lot better for me.

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628.11.2003 5:40

That price is insane! I wont be buyin this one, ill stick with my ps2 and my pc.

728.11.2003 9:49

The PC will take over one days as most consoles are just dedicated PCs now.

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829.11.2003 11:35

has sony released any pics of it yet? i'm curious to see what this all-in-one overpriced beast looks like.

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929.11.2003 11:50

Pics are everywhere. Google it. I'm not getting this. Already got my PS2 and that's all I need!!!

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101.12.2003 0:36

Another one expected to bite the dust! Sony seems desperate as they have made many blunders lately (missing out on Flat TV, micro DV etc) and looks like the Sony management is in paranoid mode!

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