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DVD-9 version of disposable DVD announced

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 11 Dec 2003 14:07 User comments (8)

Flexplay Technologies, a company behind the environment-destroying EZ-D format, which is also known as "disposable DVD", says that it has managed to develop a dual layer version of its product. So far the EZ-D discs have been limited to DVD-5 size, i.e. 4.38GB per side, but with the new technology, each side can hold the same amount of data as a single DVD-9 disc can (appx. 8.5GB).
This makes it easier for movie studios to distribute their material in two different formats -- currently virtually all new DVD releases are released in DVD-9 format, but the current EZ-D format requires DVD-5 -sized, thus requiring a separate authoring and possibly encoding process for the material.

Only company which has tested EZ-D commercially, is Disney. Each movie disc costs between $5.99 and $6.99 and are packaged in air-tight wrapping. Once the wrapping is opened, the disc will develop a chemical process which makes the disc unreadable after 48 hours. After that, consumer simply throws the disc to a bin.

Source: Video Business Online (requires registration)

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8 user comments

111.12.2003 16:01

the ez-d format has to be the most foolish idea ever created dealing with dvds. why buy a self terminating disc for $7 when you could rent it for the same amount of time for $3, or buy it for $15? thats so stupid, i understand that rental places are fed up with people not returning movies, but this is dumb, whoes going to pay $7 to rent a movie? also rental places pay $15 for one copy of a DVD, but with this, they will probobly pay $5 for them and have to buy multiple discs. This is a dumb idea, and will NEVER catch on, who agrees with me?

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211.12.2003 23:44

I agree 100% And what is the licence for that product? You have the right to use it for 48 hours? I mean, when you rent it, you cannot copy it, it's a law, what if you buy it this way?
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312.12.2003 3:55

Yes, aew you allowed to back up an EZ-D for personal use in case "something happens to the original"? Can you then only keep the backup for 48 hours?

412.12.2003 5:29

the new MPAA disc is here! They can now sell you the same disc over and over and over.... an endless revenue stream for the MPAA membership, this is how I see it. I for one will never buy one of these DVD's


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512.12.2003 6:12

i dont think anyone in there right mind would

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612.12.2003 9:24

No muck good for Backups either

713.12.2003 13:42

The idea is beyond belief. Will they supply disposable vomit bags with the disks aswell ? due the crap quality of most DVD's being released these days?

815.12.2003 10:34



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