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DVD X Copy Gold v3.0.3 released

Written by Jari Ketola @ 12 Dec 2003 14:43 User comments (3)

DVD X Copy Gold v3.0.3 released 321 Studios has released an update to DVD X Copy Gold that brings its development to par with other X Copy products. The update is available to registered customers at

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3 user comments

115.12.2003 12:40

Need help. Got a Mitsumi Dm-200TE DVD-Rom Drive locked in PIO mode. How can I correct this issue?

215.12.2003 15:35

Movie Only. How do ya copy "movie only" to one DVD?

316.12.2003 18:09

I got a lot problems with the new version of DVD X GOLD : version 3.0.4 1- to slow 2- Some errors , I prefer to use the version 3.0.2 ,Faster 20 minutes copying a movie, with the 3.0.4 I need 1 hour. Can you guys help me?

I need the TDF Files for the movie Apocalypse now redux (2000)wide sc, when I tryed to copy a messaje said: Ca not read the DVD for reading bad sectors.
What can I do?

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