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Sony PSX gets a good start in Japan

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 08 Jan 2004 9:28 User comments (7)

Sony PSX gets a good start in Japan Sony is happy about the reception that the PSX received on the Japanese market. The high-end product has sold 100.000 units on the first week, with a price tag around $941. The product was released on December 13.
Sony PSX is an up-tuned version of the PS2 console. Its key features are a digital receiver, digital video recorder and a recordable DVD-R drive.
Sony is banking on 2004 being a better year than 2003, which was marred by the "Sony shock" -- a $1 billion quarterly loss announced in April -- and restructuring announced in October that calls for a 13 percent cut in its global work force in the next three years.
It hopes to improve its fortunes by rolling out cutting-edge products, such as PSX, an entertainment system that includes a hard disk drive (HDD) and DVD recorder plus a PS2 game machine.
"We sold 100,000 PSXs in the first week. It sells for almost 100,000 yen ($941) and it still sold out. There are no products out there that can say that," said Kutaragi.
The machine, powered by the same microprocessor at the heart of the PS2 console, went on sale on December 13 in Japan amid a flurry of media attention.
Source: Reuters

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7 user comments

18.1.2004 12:31

the whole thing sounds like a waste of money if you ask me.

29.1.2004 06:06

Could buy 2 PS2s and a better receiver and speakers for that. A whole Ent. Sys. plus a PS2 for that price.

39.1.2004 08:36

i have ultimate tv, a dvd burner, and a hard drive, price about $500.00 :)

49.1.2004 08:44

oops that also inculded a xbox in the above post

510.1.2004 16:54

does anybody know how much the psx is? I dont think that the psx is that much better than the ps2 I mean i like it but if it is alot it is not wort it. I think I will wait for the price to drop or for the ps4 to come out

610.1.2004 16:56

$941.00 us

711.1.2004 08:37

I think that the PSX is a lot better than the tivo unit that is 999.99 that has all those same thing but you cant play PS2 game so I think it is beter but the price needs to go down!

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