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LAME MP3 encoder 3.95.1 "stable"

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 13 Jan 2004 9:42

LAME MP3 encoder 3.95.1 "stable" A new version of LAME MP3 encoder has landed with a stable version status. It includes the significant modifications already demonstrated in the 3.94. Even though this version is advertised as stable, it has not gone through the extensive user testing that has been done for the older 3.93.1 version. Therefore caution and testing is recommended before using this encoder for archival purposes.
LAME 3.95.1 January 12 2004
  • fixed a crash when using vbr-new
  • changed ReplayGain reference level to 89dB

  • LAME 3.95 January 11 2004
  • fixed lowpass values when using vbr with mono files
  • faster quantization loops
  • faster count_bits
  • fixed a buffer requirement error in ACM codec
  • fixed mpglib and other decoding support code to prevent the crash when invalid mp3 input
  • removed Layer I decoding support
  • use FastLog and IEEE 754 hack on PowerPC too (approx. 10 percent faster)

    Click HERE to download.
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