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Pioneer demonstrates dual-layer DVD-R recording at CES

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 12 Jan 2004 15:42 User comments (21)

Pioneer demonstrates dual-layer DVD-R recording at CES According to a Japanese A/V news site, Pioneer has demonstrated dual-layer DVD-R burning at the CES expo in Las Vegas, using the existing single-layer DVDR drive, Pioneer A06.
According to the article, Pioneer used only a modified firmware to achieve the dual-layer burning with no needs to modify the hardware itself at all. But only time will tell whether the company actually decides that it is such a great idea to allow consumers to upgrade their drives to dual-layer by simply switching the firmware and not buying a new drive..

Source: AV Watch (through the Fish)

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21 user comments

112.1.2004 19:05

Hmmmm.... why do I get the feeling they won't just release a firmware update? If they did they would still sell a crapload of A06's when everybody figures out they can burn dual-layer on a $120 drive.

212.1.2004 19:33

WOW!! now that sounds cool :-) and even if they didnt release a firmware update, whats to stop crackers etc etc from releasing one? i mean, there are thousands of firmware hacks for many different things right? :-)

312.1.2004 19:35

i hope they do just allow for firmware updates. that was every other company will follow in their footsteps and do the same thing to their drives. to bad they will be stingy though and make everyone buy the new drives and taunt us with the fact that they could have been nice

412.1.2004 21:43

Well, thats really good news. And its Pioneer! If this is true the battle between +and- will be over soon if Pioneer decides to give the firmware. I'm sure they'll do because now mostly everyone is focusing on higher burning speeds so people will cpntinue buying the new drives. Thats what happened with normal CD burnibg across the years. So I'm optimistic.

513.1.2004 2:06

It's certainly good news for those of us who do DVD backups. I doubt that it will make a difference in deciding whether DVD-r or + R becomes the standard because it is likely that both formats will probably be capable of doing it.

613.1.2004 4:49

Nothing was mentioned about media... A simple firmware update might allow for dual-burning, but is special media required? I would guess probably so.

713.1.2004 8:46

Hey if there is RPC-1 + 2x for all 1x media + 12x extraction hacked firmware for A06.....Well I am sure you can guess the rest!

813.1.2004 10:51

Please firmware update only! Please, Please, Please! But i am always looking for a reason to tell the wife i need new hardware!

913.1.2004 11:52

BobL: Yes, of course a dual layer media will be required. And also the dual layer recording will be slower than single layer (not just in total time, but the "X" factor is smaller than with single layer writing), most likely 1x or 2x at tops (1x would mean appx 2h per dual layer disc if the "exes" are comparable to single layer burning).

1013.1.2004 12:07

It may not require a change in media, it is possible that the only difference will be how the data is written to the disc. There are several new technologies out there that are waiting to be adopted and the only real difference seems to involve a much finer laser effectively making better use of available space to and method of encoding. Anyone heard that (I think it is Toshiba but could be wrong) Toshiba has found a way to double the storage to 1.4 gigs on a standard Cdr using using current media? Now improved DiVx playback is possible. Gotta love advancing technology.

1113.1.2004 19:15

BobL does have a good point. They could give you the firmware update for free, but the media to correctly support it is what will most likely make them the money. I am surprised that this still comes up as an issue. Just push the newer HD-DVD systems and space is not an issue. Although just as it took 6 years for DVD, I am beating 10 years for HD-DVD to catch on, especially with this news.

1214.1.2004 8:00

"The dual-layer DVD+R system uses two thin embedded organic dye films for data storage separated by a spacer layer (see figure)." Full artical here.

1321.2.2004 22:38

It's Sanyo that has the 1.4GB to a CD-R technology and you'll find it, so far, only on Optorite DVD burners. They call it HD-Burn (for high density burn). And Verbatim has announced that it will still release DVD+R dual layer media somtime this spring. I'd love to see a firware upgrade for my new Optorite 8X burner!

144.4.2004 1:06

Would this firmware update also work for the pioneer dvr-sk12d model? or are they gonna make a firmare update for this model as well? Thx

154.4.2004 9:03

Sony will have the DRU-700A out very soon.

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1618.6.2004 18:06

What's the latest? No dual media yet . . .

1718.6.2004 20:52

Not so, dual layer 9.4 GB media is available. Check Pricewatch. There are several brands available but are pretty expensive. So far Sony and NEC have dual layer burners out. The new NEC is only $89!! through Newegg. It may be their ND2500 DVD burner with a new firmware. Why else would it be only $89!? Also, 12X dual layer burners come out in August. Sweet.

1818.6.2004 21:06

dual layer 9.4 GB media
There's no such thing as 9.4GB dual-layer media. 9.4GB is the (rough) size of a double-sided, single layered media (DVD-10). 8.5GB is the one for DVD-9 a.k.a. single-sided dual-layer media.

1918.6.2004 21:06

wait, this NEC dual layer burner does DVD-R AND DVD+R dual layer?? how can it only be $86? The media must be so expensive. What is the capacity of the dual layer?

2018.6.2004 21:07

nevermind, I answered my own question. DVD+R only.

2119.6.2004 9:27

As of yesterday, the best availability listed was for Verbatim double layer media, shipping to begin around the middle of June from and the end of June from The price shown is $14.95 per disc. Sonystyle also lists the Verbatim as an accessory for the DRU-700A double layer burner, also $14.95 each. Iomega 12X double layer burner article:,1558,1599399,00.asp?kc=ETRSS02129TX1K0000532

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