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DVD-Jon demands compensation

Written by Jari Ketola @ 27 Jan 2004 12:10 User comments (7)

DVD-Jon demands compensation Jon Lech Johansen who was acquitted of all charges twice by Norwegian courts is now looking for compensation from the economic crime unit of Norwegian police, Økokrim. For his four year endeavour with the lawsuit, Johansen is asking a compensation of almost NOK 150,000 ($21,800).
The implications of the case must have been huge on Johansen's life and future, so the demands are absolutely reasonable. Økokrim has not yet commented on the demands.

Source: Aftenposten

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7 user comments

128.1.2004 5:45

Jon definitely is asking for a small amount, considering what he has been through. I wish him success in all of his endeavors. Norway as I understand it has a very high standard of living and this compensation is like a drop in the bucket. Best to All! Rodgers

229.1.2004 10:09

I wish john the best. Now its time the entertainment industry learns a valuable lesson that they are not in control like they tried to be in the year 2003. Now that we are in 2004 and the developers of Kazaa are fighting back it will be even more clear to the entertainment industry that they need to back off and accept things as they are and stop living in a fantasy world where they think they are going to have power over the internet. The internet was meant to be a free and open forum to exchange information and get the technology to third world countries that otherwise would have none. I also am hoping that Belgium wins its copy-protection suit against the record industry because of the fact that car CD players and combo players will not play the copy-protected CD’s. This will teach the big brats of the entertainment industry a really hard lesson. Then maybe people in the US can follow the same road. Together we will beat these snobs into submission.

329.1.2004 12:01

Jon released a crack for removing the DRM infection from itunes files before the final acquittal for the DeCSS case even came through. Now He's taking Økokrim to task asking for finacial compensation. This guy has balls. My hero. Go Jonny Go!

429.1.2004 13:37

Sig em Jon! We are pulling for you. Best to all Rodgers

529.1.2004 21:52

About damn time someone got some. I get tired of the crap that the entertainment industry tries to put in front of us all. Voodoohippie

630.1.2004 18:32

that a boy! score one for us.. peace seamonkey420

71.2.2004 4:41

Good for him. Hope he gets it. Many of the corporations think nothing of a lawsuit, no matter how trival it might be. As they have lawyers that are on the payroll, it is far cheaper for them but ruinously expensive for the average Joe. Many times just the threat of a lawsuit is enough to get average Joe to comply with thier wishes. This over balances the scales in favor of the corporations. But providing penalties for trival, for misdirected, for slanderous, lawsuits should be something provided for in law to protect average Joe from terror tactics of this nature. He should get every dime back he asks for.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

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