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The Department Of Justice investigates the Blu-ray group

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 28 Jan 2004 7:45 User comments (2)

The Department Of Justice investigates the Blu-ray group The Blu-ray group is being investigated by the DoJ. Not much information is available, but the source indicates that the investigations relate to the actions of the Blu-ray group members that were also members of the DVD Forum, which elected the competing HD-DVD format over Blue-ray to be the next generation optical media. It has been suggested that the members of the Blue-ray group might have been co-operating in the DVD Forum in order to stall the development process of the HD-DVD.
The investigation is looking to determine whether the group's members potentially acted in concert to impede the technical progress of the DVD Forum, which has a competing high definition DVD format called HD-DVD.

The Forum approved HD-DVD over Blu-ray as the next-generation format to succeed the DVD format. The DVD Forum is a consortium of consumer electronics firms that was created to help facilitate the DVD specification, and all of the participants in the Blu-ray effort are Forum members. HD-DVD was developed by Toshiba and NEC and was originally known as AOD, or advanced optical disc.
Source: IGN

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2 user comments

129.1.2004 11:25

So, Blu-ray recorders are already on the market in Japan, is that correct? HD-DVD is a read only format, and it's the one the DVD forum chose? So consumers loose again? Am I missing something? So who's investigating the DVD forum for pandering to the movie industry?

21.2.2004 3:37

It is my understanding that Sony have Blu-ray devices (and disc-cartridges) available (for a suitably high price). I wouldn't be too worried over HD-DVD being read-only. Wasn't the original CD format also supposed to be read-only?

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