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New Morpheus client offers multi-protocol support

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 03 Feb 2004 11:12 User comments (2)

New Morpheus client offers multi-protocol support StreamCast Networks have made a bold move in the development of their Morpheus file sharing software. The latest version offers connectivity to most major Peer-To-Peer networks, such as Kazaa and eDonkey. This should multiply the search results delivered by the client. The company also claims that the new version respects the users privacy and does not include any spyware components.The statement is bit questionable though, since the client does popup web browser windows with advertising content.
StreamCast Networks on Tuesday released Morpheus 4, a update to the peer-to-peer software that's meant to be a hub for wide range of file-sharing networks.
Morpheus 4 provides direct connectivity to users of other peer-to-peer clients including Kazaa, iMesh, eDonkey, Overnet, Grokster, Gnutella, LimeWire and G2, StreamCast said. The software is available for downloading at no cost.
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2 user comments

110.2.2004 12:05

Morpheus can now be the Kazaa Killer. Their new network has fast results and there is already a wide user base. Now if they can figure out how to compensate the artists with their banner ads and make p2p legal it will be all woth the wait as we start using Morpheus again instead of Kazaa like we did b4 they got kicked off the FastTrack network. Voodoohippie

28.10.2004 16:44

Now, exactly why should Morpheus pay artists from their banner adds? Thats a rediculious comment. P2P is legal. Revenue gained from the banner adds has nothing to do with what users share on Morpheus' P2P software.

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