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Ruling on Kazaa search orders tomorrow

Written by Jari Ketola @ 03 Mar 2004 4:53 User comments (7)

Ruling on Kazaa search orders tomorrow The Australian Federal court will give a ruling on whether or not the recent raids made at the office of Sharman Networks, the owner of Kazaa peer-to-peer application, were made based on valid reasons. Music Industry Piracy Investigations, the anti-piracy faction of Australian music industry raided the offices of Kazaa, and others in February.
Soon after the raid Kazaa questioned the raid, and said the judge who granted the search warrant was not presented with all the facts regarding the case.

The ruling will be given tomorrow morning EST.

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

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7 user comments

13.3.2004 9:55

Are we going back to the day and time when the Judges was making all the laws

23.3.2004 10:11

I am pulling for Sharman. I don't know how much Australians value their privacy, but here in America they are getting away with murder invading our privacy, anytime they have a whim. The Judges are involved with law making, instead of interpretating the law and enforcing it. Best to All! Rodgers

33.3.2004 11:03

Are thy going to go through each town and into yours and my home like the German SS troops did? Have you heard the St the music industry is putting out? Who what to copy it? How totally screwed up the priorities and values of our governments, law enforcement, From World War I up to today 1,000,000 United States Veterans made the ultimate sacrifice for the good of free people everywhere and for what? Just to have it come back to there door.

43.3.2004 21:56

Just heard on the radio (triple j) on the way home from work, kazaa had every one of their proposals rejected by the court, but i'll leave the detailed news reporting to the pros... Bailey

54.3.2004 4:35

pbailey; That is are courts for you, Go and put Co. out of Buss and make all your employs go on welfare. Judges are making all the laws today

74.3.2004 19:59

Interesting, thanks for the links devil60.

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