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DVD+Audio creates DVD compliant audio discs

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 09 Mar 2004 7:48 User comments (8)

DVD+Audio creates DVD compliant audio discs From the author of DVD2One, he well known DVD to DVD-R transcoder, comes a new tool for creating DVD video compliant audio discs. The trick is to convert the audio to a format supported by a DVD video player. One can choose from a lower quality MPEG-2 compressed streams to a high quality 96kHz/24bit stream.
The software uses a browser based user interface, which seems slightly crippled method of configuring the process. This initial release version also seems to have some technical quirks and oddities.

Also, only 44kHz / 16bit WAV files are accepted as input material in this first version. On the company website there is a lot of hype of audio quality improvements, but these are unlikely to happen as the quality of the source material ultimately defines the reached quality, even in cases when the target format has higher quality specifications.

Still, this concept might have some market demand for people that use a DVD player as the primary audio source. The software is available as a limited trial version at

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8 user comments

19.3.2004 21:43


Combining both engines, a DVD+Audio easily surpasses CD quality, and in the resulting sounds you can enjoy better imaging, clearer detail, deeper and tighter bass and a overal better sound experience.
I just love software with magical capabilities. =) An interesting concept, but how come it is so hard sticking to the facts.

210.3.2004 2:33

does anyone know if there is a crack for this program?

310.3.2004 2:48

Piracy not tolerated. STR001 banned. Ugh.

Jari Ketola

410.3.2004 16:15

I was going to use this program but in the process of installing the software it tries to send info back to it's maker? Thus not allowing to phone home it will not let you install, don't like that Ugh! Oh well somebody else might very soon come out with there version.. I will just wait..

510.3.2004 16:35

i cant wait till someone makes some freeware program

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610.3.2004 19:25

Check out 'Audio compilations on DVD' guide, at:

711.3.2004 14:25

hmmm....asking for a crack for a program with an Admin user clearly involved in the discussion...people never learn....

816.10.2006 0:17

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