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PS3 supports the Blu-Ray format?

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 02 Apr 2004 7:00 User comments (25)

PS3 supports the Blu-Ray format? The Blu-Ray format may get major hardware support from Sony as their recent comments might suggest that BD-ROM is used in the Playstation 3.
According to a report by Asahi PC magazine, Sony may be considering using Blu-ray Disc (BD-ROM) technology in the PlayStation 3. The news comes from an interview that the magazine conducted with Kiyoshi Nishitani, Sony's management director in charge of Blu-ray Disc development and next-generation home electronics. In his interview about the future business strategies for Blu-ray Discs, Nishitani commented, "We'd like to establish a ground by adopting read-only BD-ROMs for a home video game console."

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25 user comments

12.4.2004 9:26

These DVD format wars are STUPID. Philips had it right with standardization of cassette tapes and compact discs. Consumers knew that there would not be conflicts and their hardware, media, and content purchases would all work together and not become obsolete because of competing formats. It was a win-win deal for Manufactures AND consumers. Don't these corporate morons know their greed is killing a big percentage of their sales? I know I won't invest any real money in DVD hardware (and by default media as well) until this whole thing is resolved and some "standards" are adopted. They can either establish them up front and create some consumer confidence, or, beat each other bloody and let the "early adopter" consumers pick a standard by default. Once again big biz execs show themselves to be a bunch of stupid greedy bastards.

22.4.2004 9:36

waiitt, if ps2 uses blue ray disks(bd-rom) does this mean when modchips come out for ps3 that u will not be able to copy or backup games??.. are u able to copy blue ray disks without a blu ray burner?> can u do it with a dvd9 burner....also what type of ps2 game would be like 27 gigs or however big the blue ray disks are?

32.4.2004 11:52

Hmmm....lets think.... Sony PS3 Sony Blu Ray Whats the connection...hmmm.....ah i get it...both are made by Sony... Is anyone actually surprised that it supports Blu Ray lol

42.4.2004 11:56

always remember the consumer set the standards. when we purchase enough of what works for us then they will adopt to what sells.

52.4.2004 12:03

Consumers buy what they are told to im afraid....

62.4.2004 13:45

are u able to copy blu-ray disks, with a dvd or dvd9 burner?? another thing what game is gonna be 17,24,25 gigs.(or whatever other size blu-ray disks are)

72.4.2004 14:18

Who knows, but it's for ps3, not ps2 so you can't draw comparisons there, maybe to take advantage of blue ray the ps3 will work differently, who knows how they'll structure it, it's a bit early to pester about whether it's possible to copy blue ray with a DVD-9 burner, take a chill pill and go outside and do something, jesus christ.

82.4.2004 16:14

pbailey i am fine, i was just wondering....

92.4.2004 22:07

sorry nthats not true about buying wht there told, im 53, i love 8 track types, cassette types, single 45,33 disks, vhs tapes. it not what you are told its when they stop making them that the @#$#@ problem, i still have them all to and they work, like the record players try finding a needle for it, it well cost more than what you payed for it. excample 1970 price 250.00 for the record player and 20.00 for a new needle. todays cant find a recorded player hardly and a needle for one is about 250.00 and vhs tapes are being made less and less in a few years they be gone to. and dvd sucks. and look at all the different game stations over the years none survive past 4 years just enough time for you to buy all the games but that not the problem its when the station no longer works ehehehehe money gone and thats what they want for you to rebuy there new ahahahahahha

103.4.2004 10:17

No you need special burner for Blu-Ray discs. Each disc is like 50 GB.

113.4.2004 10:18

And the burner for the Blu-Ray discs is about $3,700.

123.4.2004 11:02

No you need special burner for Blu-Ray discs. Each disc is like 50 GB.
More like 23GB i believe and you can get the burner for around US$1000 in Japan...

133.4.2004 11:13

But Sony is making Double Layered ones that can hold 50 GB. And I don't think there $1000 in Japan maybe like $3000.

v4 PS2
Flip-top with SMD
Panasonic 106d
DVD+R Memorex

143.4.2004 12:20

Yeah - in 2006+ i believe...

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153.4.2004 15:39

wait until it goes way down in price, then maybe it's worth buying, until then stick to worrying about things you can afford Ie. dvd burners. Besides this is sony were talking about here, it won't come out until its been on the japan market two years plus.

163.4.2004 17:23

no, i thought blu ray can have up to 50 gigs

174.4.2004 13:53

Nope, i think the current maximum is 27GB. Maybe you are referring to this:

A REPORT IN THE Japanese press said that Pioneer will be able to double Blu-ray optical drives to support 50GB optical disks. reports that Pioneer has made the breakthrough by using an electron rather than a laser beam to etch grooves on disks. The capacity of Blu-ray disks using conventional ultraviolet beams only supports 27GB, the wire said, but Pioneer will supply the technology under licence to other companies to boost that capacity to a massive 50GB.
What you could be talking about is the introduction of a double blu ray disc, dual layered, but i believe it is not currently available. Check out here for more information:

184.4.2004 19:37

Orphius, if consumers buy what they're told to, then I'm afraid, we are not consumers ;) Speaking of that though, I did buy some HotStuffs during the weekend. Take my word for it, not bad, but not anything good either. It wasn't worth the money IMO. And if Sony think BluRay will stop piracy, they're wrong. We're like Borgs. We adapt.

194.4.2004 21:44

Sorry axidburn about my previous post, way too harsh. My apologies.

205.4.2004 8:36

We are consumers, but more often than not, we are influenced by specs and advertisements, that in a way force us to continue buying. It would be nice to think of yourself as individual and purchase whatever we want, but does it really work like that....Hard to tell....

215.4.2004 13:46

odubb "always remember the consumer set the standards. when we purchase enough of what works for us then they will adopt to what sells." Your post is very true. Think about this. How would you like to be one of the minority who bought a technology based on good specs that goes obsolete due to a competing format's popularity? Say it was a $700 or $800 "disc du jour" burner. That would piss me off. I like the idea of consumers setting their own standards but it costs us a lot of money for the privilege and does not guarantee that the "best" solution is adopted. ("du jour" means "of the day" as in soup du jour...~ just so my meaning doesn't get lost) ;-)

225.4.2004 17:01

consumers (for the most part) are mindless lemmings, i mean just look at pop music, they suck and have no talent but are over advertized and lots of people end up buying them. so sorry for the most part consumers are mindless ( although it sounds like lots of exceptions here :) ) but i cant wait to see what they can do with 27gb games! and microsoft is using bluray in the xbox 2 i think so ANOTHER CONSOLE BATTLE. it will be just like before, the ps3 will come out first and be slightly less advanced system than the xbox 2 and nintendos equivilant (which will have a bunch of childish remake games again :) ), but will make up for it with its great games- like the current consoles.

235.4.2004 20:38

yea i would like to see a game that is 27 gigs..

2421.4.2004 20:14

What and it will take you about half your life to complete only to find that you got a crappy ending and realised by the time you complete a game of this magnitude you've already missed PS5 and are no longer interested in games. I mean, if 27GBs is necessary for graphics and smooth gameplay along with loads and loads more fun, or a RPG that's immsersive. But the trend I'm finding in long games now days is that they throw in a hell of a lot of okay shit, some really bad shit, some total bullshit, and a few amazing experiences. Of course, that's why I try the games before I buy. Another great advantage of P2P. Yes I actually buy games. To play online. But mostly now I just play Ragnarok Online on a private server.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

2518.4.2005 13:11

Actualy You can get 50gb blu-ray disks, they are the equivilnat to the dual layer dvd disks. the normal blu-ray disks, between 23 and 25 gb depending on the maker, are available in japan and cost around 36, $70, and they come in the formats bd-rom bd-r bd-e which is the rw version. DVD-9 writers will not be able to burn blu-ray disks as blu-ray uses blue lasers instead of the current red ones on cd/dvd. PS3 will use bd disks and u will need a bd reader to copy/bak-up them.

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