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Jon Johansenís PlayFair decrypter for Apple iTunes

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 06 Apr 2004 6:56 User comments (4)

Jon Johansenís PlayFair decrypter for Apple iTunes Jon Lech Johansen, who has become world famous for originally cracking the CSS protection of the DVD movies, has made yet another decryption tool.
"The playfair program is quite simple," according to the README. "It takes one of the iTMS Protected AAC Audio Files, decodes it using a key obtained from your iPod or Microsoft Windows system and then writes the new, decoded version to disk as a regular AAC Audio File. It then optionally copies the metadata tags that describe the song, including the cover art, to the new file."
Even though it seems virtually impossible to securely protect digital audio, the Apple Corp. doesnít give up. According to the source, a patent application by Apple implies that they are developing a new DRM method of their own.
Source: The Register

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4 user comments

16.4.2004 8:15

Good ol DVD Jon, he'll always find a way. :)

26.4.2004 18:28

i hope those dicks dont go after him again

38.4.2004 20:40

take THAT apple!!!

41.6.2004 18:38

I wonder how many more years the industries will take to realize that copy protections are made to be broken.

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