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auCDtect tool determines the authenticity of musical CD records

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 06 Apr 2004 7:07 User comments (5)

Ever wanted to know if your audio CD is actually made from an original source? In many countries pirated copies are sold as original, and the music material might have been transferred in a lossy compressed format at some point. Now a new interesting software tool has emerged, which will help you to determine the originals and compressed copies.
auCDtect - is a program for determining the authenticity of musical CD records, using the character of the audio information it contains, and predict its possible source is it an original studio record or a reconstruction from a lossy encoded data (for example, MP3).
Accuracy: >95% (for detecting mp3s) Source: Hydrogenaudio

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5 user comments

16.4.2004 18:29

but can it tell if a cd is a 1:1 copy- no so its useless

28.4.2004 20:46

pcshateme, might be you just have not fased with audio CDs, made from MP3 and sold to you as brand new originals. Such a discs have different quility of sound but 1:1 copies have the same quility. In my collection now approx. 25% of CDs made from MP3, as i now know, so such a detection is pretty usefull, especially in some countries :) Best Regards, Oleg.

38.4.2004 21:09

yeah i guess in china it could be pretty useful :)

411.4.2004 14:22

How useless is this? Either you cart a laptop around the stalls and markets of Taiwan, Singapore, &c, and demand vendors open the packet so you can test the CD - in which case they'll tell you where you can jam it. Or you can test the CD when you get home to civilised parts. And what are you going to do then if it's pirated? Hop on a plane and demand a refund? I suppose you could write strong letter to the market holder demanding a refund and see what happens.

512.4.2004 9:03

Could be very useful for a retailer, to make sure that his suppliers aren't ripping him off.

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