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Macrovision and 20th Century Fox ink a deal

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 13 Apr 2004 10:52 User comments (2)

Macrovision and 20th Century Fox ink a deal Macrovision Corporation announced today that Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has signed a multi-year contract to copy protect all of its worldwide DVDs and videocassettes.
“Twentieth Century Fox is truly a leader in intellectual property protection. We deeply respect the significant commitment that Fox is making to protect the long term value of their content,” said Steve Weinstein, executive vice president and general manager of Macrovision’s Entertainment Technology Group. “With millions of DVD recordable devices entering the market and other digital set-top boxes and personal video recorders gaining hold, Macrovision’s video copy protection technology continues to be the most widely deployed and most reliable way to protect unauthorized copying of PPV, VOD and pre-recorded media.”

Macrovision’s technology is designed to allow consumers to transparently view original programming on all types of TV sets, but prevents unauthorized copying on DVD recorders, hard drive recorders and VCRs. The majority of hard drive recorders and home media center PCs recognize Macrovision’s technology and either disable recording of copy-protected content or record an encrypted copy that can only be played on the machine it was recorded on, thereby inhibiting unauthorized Internet file sharing.
Source: Macrovision

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2 user comments

113.4.2004 13:33

its pointless- i mean seriously theres like a million free programs that break it. all it does is piss me off, i had to buy rf modulators for all my tvs($30 a pop), (and all 3 are brand new, just no rca inputs) there a bunch of ass holes if they dont relize that most older (like <1998) and mono vcrs (and older ps2s and xboxs) dont notice the encrpytion, and DVD to TIVO, or DVD to VCR isnt the "problem" its DVD to DVD-r.

214.4.2004 0:47

I agree with the last comment. Macrovision is an outdated system which was successfull in the 80's when it prevented simple VCR to VCR copying. Quite why it is included on DVDs is beyond me, as macrovision is not even an issue when ripping a DVD to DVD-R.

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