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Microsoft settles DRM lawsuit

Written by Jari Ketola @ 13 Apr 2004 12:17

Microsoft settles DRM lawsuit Microsoft has settled a lawsuit over DRM patents with InterTrust Technologies for $440m. With the payment Microsoft resolves all outstanding litigation between the companies, and licenses InterTrust technology for use within Microsoft products.
The license makes it possible for Microsoft to really start pushing for DRM protected content. The deal includes end users using Microsoft products, but third-party software manufacturers still need to license DRM technology from InterTrust for their products.

InterTrust, partly owned by Sony and Philips, filed its intellectual property lawsuit against Microsoft in 2001. According to InterTrust Microsoft started implementing technologies covered by InterTrust's patents shortly after it had demonstrated its technologies to Microsoft. Microsoft denied the charges until last summer, when it begun license negotiations with InterTrust.

Source: vnunet

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