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N-Gage QD announced by Nokia

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 14 Apr 2004 3:04 User comments (3)

N-Gage QD announced by Nokia Not surprisingly, Nokia is launching an updated and improved version of the N-Gage gaming console. The QD comes with the same basic features, but the developers have tackled some of the biggest problems of the original version.
First of all, you now don't have to disassemble the whole unit in order to change a game. The device should also have a quick launch button for the game. Also the funny looking 'side talking' is now history, meaning that one can hold the phone normally while talking. The QD also has some hardware changes: The display panel is a new component, but N-Gage is limited to 4096 colors in the driver layer. The vibrating alarm can now be used as an effect in games, similar to Sony Dual-Shock controllers. The device is also slightly smaller.

More information and pictures of the new design:

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3 user comments

114.4.2004 8:22

psp will give the ngage the beatdown for sure

215.4.2004 7:21

Nokia should stick to making phones not sub-par mobile consoles :P

315.4.2004 9:40

I can't believe nokia came out with a new one, didn't they learn it sucked from the first one? Not to mention, they had releases of there games on the net like a month after it came out, which made it possible to get there games free, and port it to other phones. I'm sure this one will have extra added useless features, which will make me hate it even more!!!

psp will give the ngage the beatdown for sure
I read psp is supposed to have gsm capabilities too, so much for n-gage!!!

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