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Real Networks is looking to ally with Apple

Written by Jari Ketola @ 16 Apr 2004 7:53 User comments (5)

Real Networks is looking to ally with Apple Real Networks has reportedly contacted Apple several times in hopes of getting a foothold in both the Apple iTunes music store, and the iPod portable player.
Real CEO Rob Glaser has warned Apple, that sticking to its current policy might endanger Apple's position in the long run, and give "Microsoft friendly" music stores an edge. While Real's Rhapsody service uses the same AAC format as Apple is using at iTunes, only songs bought from iTunes can be played with the iPod player. That's because Apple doesn't license its DRM technology to third parties.

With Apple having a strong presence with iPod and iTunes, and Microsoft pushing its own DRM protected Windows Media technology to content providers, it seems that Real is quite desperate to find allies.

Source: Financial Times

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5 user comments

116.4.2004 17:04

I can't stand RealPlayer and I would rather see them stay away from stuff I use. RealPlayer just reminds me of the crappy AOL experiences I used o endure.

216.4.2004 23:41

i agree denzilla, and also doesnt all of real networks products install a bunch of spyware too?

317.4.2004 2:32

please. god. no.

418.4.2004 18:53

Dammit another step towards music streaming, those greedy bastards just want to find a way to charge you everytime you want to listen to ur favorite song. HA, you can't stop me from owning my songs, down with fake network, and all media streaming appz!!!

519.4.2004 10:25

If a person is willing to pay for iTunes DRM infected files and iPod hardware I don't see why it would be a bad thing for Rhapsody's files to play on iPods or iTunes files to play on Real player. Personally I will never spend a dime on either format EVER so maybe that's why I just don't care.

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