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Over 100,000 registered members

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 19 Apr 2004 15:39 User comments (7)

Over 100,000 registered members One of the most anticipated milestones in our site's life cycle has been reached, when the 100,000th user registered to our site today. Since we remove inactive user accounts on a regular basis, we actually do have one hundred thousand active users on our site!
As we are preparing for our 5th anniversary at, we would like to take the opportonity to thank loyal users for encouraging us to continue developing and updating our site on a daily basis. Hopefully we will be able to reach the 200,000 user milestone soon!

If you haven't got one yet, you can easily create yourself a free account. In addition to allowing you to comment on all of these fabulous news items, you can use your account to post to our forums, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, and access all the software items on our site!

Thank you very much,

-Petteri Pyyny

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7 user comments

119.4.2004 18:58

That's cool, I can see why. This place is really nice.

219.4.2004 22:11

Glad you like! Welcome and enjoy!

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320.4.2004 4:10

Wonderful :-) Afterdawn is a great community, full of very intelligent people who take time out of their day to keep this place runing and up to date! The Admins, also spent most of their time on Afterdawn, I have heard it refered to as a small project thats gone seriously out of control. If there is anything they would want out of Afterdawn its the financial help to keep the website going. To do this you can visit some sponsors or if you are buying hardware or accessories, buy it through the links on the Afterdawn pages! More support needed is with guides and tutorials. If you have written guides, or plan to write them that you think would suit Afterdawn then submit them. The more guides, the more traffic, the more members, the better the community and the beter the quality for all of us! Afterdawn deserves to get any support u can give after serving over 20 MILLION software downloads since it's launch in 1999, its 100,000 member database and of course, the hundreds of thousands of posts on its gigantic forums. This is by far my favourite internet based community and I urge everybody to get more involved! Thanks to the Admins, My fellow Mods (lol) and of course the people who make the site what it is now, the thousands of posters. Thanks for reading :-)

420.4.2004 8:55

Congratulations but why is your site so very slow and stopping on my 56k modem via Almost unusable like 5 mins to get a refresh. Other sites like pub25.ezboard are fast. Anyway, thanks for helping me eventually download BBC files and convert to MP3 using Streambox VCR and Streambox Ripper - plenty of hiccups on the way but it all hangs together now. Alastair Cook is on my disk. Regards, Mark

520.4.2004 9:59

Strange, I'm on 56k and it runs fine for me. . .maybe it's your browser.

620.4.2004 12:38

fmtulley: Its most likely not our site, but instead one of the ad networks that delivers the ads to our site that has routing problems to Freeserve that are causing the probs.

Petteri Pyyny (pyyny@twitter)

720.4.2004 15:41

I have dial-up here in Socal USA and this site is just as fast as any. This is one sweet forum that has a community of experts in many different fields. I am so glad to have found this forum (through DVD X Copy. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Each day I log onto the internet, this is my first stop. The info I receive is greatly appreciated. My thanks go to dRD and all others who contribute in making this such a wonderful site. Jim

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