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DVD-Audio sales five times higher than SACD sales

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 23 Apr 2004 14:37 User comments (1)

DVD-Audio sales five times higher than SACD sales According to the latest RIAA survey, the DVD-Audio format seems to be gaining momentum among the American consumers, beating the competing high-quality audio format, SACD, with five times higher sales figures.
According to the survey, DVD-Audio's market share of all purchased music in the United States was 2.7 percent, compared to 0.5 percent market share for SACD. DVD-Audio is gaining popularity for various reasons, but most notably for its compatibility with DVD-Video players (although the higher audio quality is only achieved with "DVD Multi" players that support DVD-Audio natively) and with the fact that most DVD-Audio discs sold nowadays contain extras, such as music videos, interviews and artist commentaries.


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114.6.2005 17:10

I have no doubt that it is true that DVD Audio is outselling SACD. I'm very disappointed in the SACDs that I've purchased. Imagine my chagrin after I ignorantly purchased an SACD and player (which fortunately also supports DVD Audio) and expected to hear full 5.1 surround from it!!! I thought that my amp was going bad, the player didn't work, the speaker connections were bad, etc., etc., etc. and stupidly went through hours of troubleshooting my system. "Gee, my DVD Audio disk gives me all 6 channels, why when I play SACD do I only get 2 or 4 or (if I'm lucky 5)?" "Why does this SACD say "Multichannel" and not 5.1?" These are the questions I asked myself. It wasn't until weeks later that I found out the dark secret, the evil truth: SACD is seriously impared!!! Now when I am asked by people in various stores (I look like an expert to a lot of people when I'm in the CD and DVD sections because I take this all so seriously) whether they should buy DVD Audio or SACD, I steer them on the right course with no doubt about it!! Long live DVD Audio (and DTS)!! Death to SACD!

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