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Microsoft announces updated content protection technology

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 03 May 2004 8:32 User comments (9)

Microsoft announces updated content protection technology Once again the target is to provide piracy proof content protection, but as we all know the reality tends to be something else. The project 'Janus' is well past its original release date, as it was expected to hit the market over a year ago. It has been promoted as a method for the subscription music services (Real Rhapsody, Napster, etc.) to move to the portable MP3 players. The future will show if 'Janus' is actually a usable solution, or shall we just drop the 'J'...
The software giant said that companies including AOL, Dell, Disney, Napster and Freescale, a subsidiary of Motorola, have agreed to adopt the new technology.
Microsoft is betting that the steady release of new content protection technology will help its audio and video formats become standard ways of distributing digital music and films, in turn, keeping people purchasing and using the Windows operating system and associated products.Source:

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9 user comments

13.5.2004 12:28

i would love to see Microsofts team of Super Human Programmers in action!

23.5.2004 13:45

If anything goes by their past record, it will have more holes than an afghanistani air raid shelter...

Looking for my old AD

33.5.2004 14:15

brian i find that remark offensive and i am sure so do othe people so please edit your post

44.5.2004 2:32

brian i find that remark offensive and i am sure so do othe people so please edit your post
To Microsoft or Afghanistan?

Looking for my old AD

54.5.2004 14:23

I think it is really Microsoft discontent protection.

64.5.2004 16:13

I don't think that brian meant anything by it, but it might be offensive to some people from Afghanistan or people that fought there.

74.5.2004 16:40

Once they get their content protection technology right perhaps they could spend a little time plugging the holes in windows. Do you think that there will soon be a spread of anti Microsoft content protection technology viruses? Hm..

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85.5.2004 1:11

whatever microsoft is planning about its all about 1's and 0's its just software, data CAN be manipulated, and it will be.

95.5.2004 2:02

Programmers the world afar are alike. When someone states that a barrier exists or something is flawless, the challenge then becomes to render or remove it. This is called "progress" in a free society.

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