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It's a boy!

Written by Jari Ketola @ 02 May 2004 15:52 User comments (40)

It's a boy! congratulates Petteri (dRD, our fantastic CEO) and Aretta on the birth of their second child today at 01:05 EET (6:05 PM EDT)!

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40 user comments

12.5.2004 16:57

Congratulations boss :D Is his middle name going to be Nephilim?

22.5.2004 17:16

Congrats dRD on your new arrival. lmfao @ Nephilim.... Regards CoZZa

32.5.2004 17:19

congradz.. dont worry nephilim, ill make one of my kids middle name that:)

42.5.2004 17:31

dRD v1.2 the ultimate human upgrade :-) Ok I heard the word wife there and shit I never knew you were married! lol Congratulations Petteri :-)

52.5.2004 17:43

Well spotted, Dela! =) My mistake. That's what you get for copy&pasteing from old news, I guess. <=)

62.5.2004 17:46

Congratulations Petteri & Aretta :D

72.5.2004 17:49

Congratulations to you both. :) There's not more wonderful experience to be had than the birth of a child.

82.5.2004 17:54

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :D

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92.5.2004 18:20

\o/ Congrats! \o/

102.5.2004 18:37


112.5.2004 18:40

Aw....isnt that nice - i hope u called it Chris or something lol. We want to see photos of it, but obviously not as its coming out - thats just sick lol

122.5.2004 19:09

Just don't name him Oriphus!!! lol

132.5.2004 19:20

Nah he wont be called chris cause he'll have a finnish name! :-) Ketola, I knew he wasnt married! lol he always said girlfriend so I was thinking hmm "who calls their wife their girlfriend?" lol

142.5.2004 20:17

Congratulations!! A happy day at AD! Is there a name for this newbie? Best Wishes and Good Health to Petteri, Aretta and family, Frank

153.5.2004 0:09

Thank you everybody :-) Mother and baby are fine, unfortunately I couldn't stay in the hospital as they didn't have family rooms free at the moment.

Is there a name for this newbie?
Finnish method is not to give baby a name at all until they're about 2-3 months old and then there's christening where the name is given. So, he is just "baby" for now and until the christening :-) Or maybe "The Newbie" will do ;-) Anyway, thank you guys :-)

163.5.2004 0:56

da jnr boss has a nice ring to it. congrats to you and the other half

173.5.2004 1:49

Wow! congratulations!! I can't imagine have a baby for 2/3 months and not naming it - so that is a very interesting custom. Children bring us so much joy and wonder mixed with equal amounts of frustration!! If I had my child to raise over again: I'd build self-esteem first, and the house later I'd fingerpaint more, and point the finger less I'd do less correcting, and more connecting I'd take my eyes of my watch, and watch with my eyes I'd care to know less, and know to care more I'd take more hikes and fly more kites I'd stop playing seriously and seriously play I would run through more fields and gaze at more stars I'd do more hugging and less tugging I'd see the oak tree in the acorn more often I would be firm less often and affirm much more I'd care less about the love of power And more about the POWER OF LOVE. Author Unknown

183.5.2004 1:55

congrats to you both.

193.5.2004 2:00


If I had my child to raise over again
Absolutely brilliant! Thanks -- you brought a smile at least on my face. =)

203.5.2004 4:22

Congratulations Petteri and Aretta! I hope the new arrival is doing well. Here's wishing a bright and happy future for the little guy. Aretta, I hope that you are well too. I know that the birth of our second child was harder on my wife than our first. Congratulations to both of you again. Xian

213.5.2004 4:40

Yeah dRD - well chuffed for you. But i will insist we teach him to play soccer, and not any of those pansie sports you like ;-). I can help out with the soccer of course.... Also, I think we need to congratulate Ketola for having the coolest real name on this forum.....

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223.5.2004 4:47

dRD teaching his son (bet that sounds weird dRD, your SON!) how to play soccer aint gonna happen i bet, ifce hockey now, definately ;-) lol

233.5.2004 5:57

Super! Congratulations dRD.

243.5.2004 6:52


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253.5.2004 6:57

Congratulations from Downunder! You're a lucky Man.

263.5.2004 7:21

Gratulations and many happy years.

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273.5.2004 7:27

Just make sure that when u are cutting the umbilical cord, you do cut the right thing, and not the other thing - which ur son would not be too amused about ;-)

283.5.2004 8:20

Congrats! . . . (fantastic..?)

293.5.2004 9:43

Congratulations! Where do we send the presents? :) `angelo

303.5.2004 9:59

Congrats!!!!! I didn`t know you were expecting. The Newbie is a goodn name. Hopefully it will follow the rules, but most likely not.

313.5.2004 12:11

Congrats dRD & Aretta! =D May you all live long a prosper!!!

323.5.2004 12:17

Congratulations :) :) :)

333.5.2004 23:11

Congratulations I think that your daughter should be named Dawn and the son After. Get it? Only joking, well done to you all. Noel

344.5.2004 3:35

Im afraid i dont get it :-S Care to explain ;-)

356.5.2004 14:56

Congrats!! Thanks for taking care of business and having a life at the same time. Cheers from Chico, CA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

367.5.2004 18:27

Oriphus If a son named After arrives later than a daughter named Dawn, then he is AfterDawn. I thought that would be quite appropriate, even though a fairly lame joke.


379.5.2004 9:34

Soon Noel you will discover the masked man named Oriphus. Comments like that should not be taken seriously. At least he wasn't sluring his speach that time.

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389.5.2004 10:53

lol - and yet again Prisoner is completely right. I was of course only joking Noel, your joke was very funny and i understood it, but as Prisoner says, i wasnt drunk at the time, or it couldve been worse hehe ;-) Thats why afterdawn have made Herbsman a moderator, he has to make sure i dont mess up all the time and keeps me on the right track. You'll notice that a lot of my funnier posts in the Safety Valve are edited, certainly not by me lol ;-) Hope the first week with your new son is going well dRD, remember to teach him soccer. Oh, and let us knwo what u decide to call him :-)

399.5.2004 18:59

its a real pity oriphus i've read some of your funnier stuff and mate there hillarious.Just a question however are you drunk when you type them or does herbsman,dela or dRD spice them up or should i say'tone them down" keep them coming andmerr

4010.5.2004 10:59

From what I have read, they are really toned down. You have to catch him fresh off the post. The drunk ones don`t make any sense most of the time. Like me tipps now and I make sense. Its 3pm, drinking at luch is good. But I am coherent, He can`t hold his Stela. dRD, I hope you have been geting some sleep. New borns are a handle for the first year or so. I wish you all the best of luck!!! When a name is chosne let us know.

I am not a number
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