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Sony unveils PlayStation Portable

Written by Jari Ketola @ 12 May 2004 14:12 User comments (7)

Sony unveils PlayStation Portable Sony yesterday unveiled their PlayStation Portable (PSP) which brings, according to Sony's promises, PlayStation 2 visuals on a cool looking handheld device.
The device has a 4.3" 16:9 display with a resolution of 480x272 and 32bit colors. The controls are PlayStation standard -- a four-way directional pad, four action buttons (square, triangle, x and circle), two trigger buttons and a thumb pad.

PSP uses small but high-capacity UMD (Universal Media Disc) optical disc to store games, music and other data. The disc, while only 60mm in diameter, can store up to 1.8GB of data. The device also includes an USB 2.0 interface, 802.11b wireless LAN, built-in stereo speakers, and a headphone connector.

Sony PlayStation Portable

Definitely an interesting product in every aspect. PSP will be available in Japan later this year, and in Europe and the US during Spring 2005. The price of the unit was not yet announced.

Source: Sony press release

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7 user comments

112.5.2004 15:32

I for one can't wait until PSP comes out. Sony makes great products and I think that the PSP will revolutionize portable gaming. I like Gameboy but this might just be my new portable gaming system.

212.5.2004 20:04

If the PSP is going to look like the picture above... then I want one too.... its looks sweet Also it depends on how much the games cost... I hope its cost between $20 to $30 or less then that sirmugen

312.5.2004 22:33

In this case "portable" seems to mean "movable". 260g is pretty heavy to carry in your pocket. WiFi is there, but the lack of telephone features is a suprise.

413.5.2004 1:12

wouldnt interest me at all, i get worried about people who like to take gaming way beyond something u just do at home to pass time lol!

613.5.2004 8:21

They forgot to mention it'll support MPEG4 AVC (H264) and (HE-?)AAC. High quality video and audio at smallest space. 8-)

714.5.2004 13:53

Kick ass... I wasn´t really expecting this yet. Not that I play games when on the move, I don´t even play snake all that much. But still, looks to be a very interesting product. Couple that up with Sony-quality (but hopefully not their usual pricing) and this one could easily be a winner. Being finnish I feel a bit sad for Nokia however. We can forget about the N-gage now.

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