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iTunes interface patented

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 12 May 2004 13:35 User comments (2)

iTunes interface patented The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded a patent to Apple for its iTunes online music store's interface.
The company most likely hopes to avoid clones of its unique interface to appear on competitors' products, as the legal music service game is heating rapidly all over the world. Apple declined to comment on its granted patents, but company is one of the major IT patent holders nowadays. Even the iTunes service is already protected with several patents, ranging from the above-mentioned interface patent to a patent that covers its ability to stream music over the network to another copy of the iTunes program.

Source: ZDNet

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2 user comments

116.5.2004 13:42

1 I will never support money hungry people hiding behind an artist protection rights, music labels and others. 2 I buy cd if I want music. even there is only 2 good songs on cd. but before purchase i analize two things- is a cd copy protected and a price. i will never buy unreasonable priced cds, because the more money cd cost, the more money an artist won't get. I do want to support an artist, but not others, not involved into creative process. 3 i do not download music. i was some time before- mostly from, but since it was bought and recreated(made better, which means paid). But it seems there is a reson to exist for such free music website as That's why there is another website,, where are a lot music bands moved from 4 i do not listen any mp3 below 256 kbps. 128 kbps music can be used for preview only, not for everyday listening. i think that was napster, or soundclick all about. 5 i do not buy cat in a sack. all these itunes or whatever tries to ignore such rules. in fact you don't know do such "store" has a song you would like to buy. any inventory listings are not available unless you are a member. 6 i will never buy any ipods (especially them) or other media players (minidisc for example), which will tell me how and what i need to listen. all these song autifications check in check out and other misunderstanding. furthermore- I will never buy any mac computers, just because unacceptable busines practice in other - music sector. 7 all entertainment industry changes. i won't be surprised that after some time the same thing what happened to music industry will happen to movie industry and we will end up with for example special - locked dvds. how about autification required dvds? you want to watch a movie, you have to enter special code- you can get it online or by phone. i think it is not far to be true. 8 there is even more- in Europe there is software movement. some companies decided to patent a lot of things what makes free software, openware and anything not commercial fail and became absolete. i believe that behind this there are money hungry people and most likely microsoft. 9 I hope all that is temporary. I will get almost no discomfort or a little of it by following such rules. 10if you really care about consumer rights, artists, freedom, i believe you should join my protest and/or make and follow other rules against money hungry people.

217.5.2004 4:59 all the true you want to hear about riaa

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