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All-in-one Blu-ray optical head by Sony

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 17 May 2004 12:07 User comments (4)

All-in-one Blu-ray optical head by Sony According to the source, Sony has been able to develop a multi-purpose optical head for recorders. The new combo optics is able to read and record on CDs, DVDs and of course Blu-rays. This is the first 'triple format' implementation of a next generation recording technology. Earlier NEC announced a combo mechanics for HD-DVD and DVD compatible recorders.
The proliferation of high-definition televisions is expected to spur demand for video recorders using blue lasers, since the recording capacity of next-generation DVDs is almost four times that of existing discs.
Sony is part of a consortium that includes some of the world's biggest consumer electronics makers, such as Philips and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd, maker of Panasonic products, to back a technology called Blu-ray.Source:

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4 user comments

117.5.2004 17:10

Wouldn't it be nice to see blu-ray technology used to create lossless encoded multimedia for a change? Watch out, lazy dvd players! :)

218.5.2004 6:17

if I wanted a paper cut I would use blu-ray! since it's made out of 50% paper.

318.5.2004 6:18

How's it going SGDVD

419.5.2004 3:08

A better question might be; What DRM will be included in the new burners. I'm sure there's gonna be a landmine or two embedded somehow since the entertainment industry owns both Congress and the Manufacturers..

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