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Lite-On IT enters the Dual Layer market

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 19 May 2004 10:25 User comments (6)

Lite-On IT enters the Dual Layer market The DL drives are quickly made available by hardware manufacturers. Lite-On IT, which has had a heavy impact on the CD-R market, now has a strong presence in the emerging next generation DVD recording market as well. The Taiwanese company offers competitive products with DVD-R(W) DL already implemented, and the price tag seems reasonable as well.
According to Gish chairman Garry Chen, a few local makers already claim to offer 8x DVD+RW DL burner models, but Lite-ON ITs 8x DVD Dual DL is also compatible with the RW format, and will sell at prices of US$229-239 per burner. Lite-On IT also recently began selling the 12x DVD Dual burners in Japan, Chen indicated.

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6 user comments

119.5.2004 10:41

I love my Lite-On IT and this is what i have been waiting for 2.4x was not enough. 8x will be just fine hell i would have been happy with 4x!

220.5.2004 0:48

8x, 12x. All very well but where do you get the discs?

320.5.2004 1:39

12X! Cool! Media anyone??? Thats like owning a Ferrari and having the Autobahn closed for roadworks!! Oh well, time will tell...

420.5.2004 6:58

Personally Im waiting for drives with Serial ATA before I buy a new drive. My Lite-On CD-RW and Pioneer DVD-ROM (from -99) are enough at the moment.

622.5.2004 15:36

The DL (dual layer) means it uses DVD-9 disc (the disc holds 9.4 GB on one side) and not the double sided 9.4 GB disc (where each side holds 4.7 GB)right?

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