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PlayStation 3 in 2006

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 28 May 2004 7:09 User comments (11)

PlayStation 3 in 2006 It seems that the game console leader Sony is not the first in goal in the "next generation" console race. As Xbox 2 and GameCube 2 are expected in 2005, the PlayStation 3 will be here in 2006, earliest. According to the source, the release is depending when the new processor technology is ready for show time, as PS3 will be the first implementation of the new chips.
Will the head start that Sony seems to be giving to the competitors have a significant influence on the market? I personally doubt it. Actually, I think that the consumers may wait and see the PS3 before making purchasing decisions, so it may have a stalling effect on Xbox2 and GC2 sales. But this is just speculation, of course.
it has been indirectly confirmed that Sony plan to launch the PS3 in March 2006. During its E3 Conference, Nonuyeki Idei - Chairman of Sony - had announced that the new CELL processor technology would be in action by that point in time. It is now definite that the next-gen Playstation will be the first manifestation of this new chip. Therefore, it can safely be assumed that this indicates the official PS3 release date.
Source: Spong

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11 user comments

128.5.2004 7:29

I think the main reason for this is... as well as giving time to refine the Cell processor technology, is to do what XBOX did. Now when XBOX was first announced a hell of a lotta people shunned it and bought the PS2 instead. Now what do you see? You see those Sony fanboys regretting to buy XBOX. I waited until XBOX actually came out, before choosing PS2 just solely to play the Devil May Cry series... (alright fine, and the FF series as well as because it was made by Sony) If XBOX had come out around the same time as PlayStation2 and wasn't made by Microsoft (Would all you Microsoft haters please just shut up lol), it might have actually beaten PS2. Sony is a trusted name in the gaming world, and, well, who wouldn't have heard of PlayStation? The fact that Sony is delaying it's product makes most people wait until PS3 has come out, so therefore, I predict it will have a stalling effect on the XBOX2 and GC2 sales

229.5.2004 12:44

xbox is a great system but playstation is better, sure the xbox has better graphics and a hard drive, but playstation has tons of awesome games exclusive for playstation, xbox has for the most part sports and shooters, playstation has about 2x the games and many more preferrals than the xbox.

31.6.2004 5:30

Hey I can't wait to see what sony Unleashes on the world and I wonder what the final specs will be.

41.6.2004 6:22

xbox is the better out the 3. They now have alot more games than they did before, like gta3 and vice city used to be ps2 only but now you can have them with much betta graphics etc on xbox. and xbox has games exclusive to it aswel and so does gamecube. xbox has more features like recording music and a hardrive and it runs at the fastest speed.

51.6.2004 6:59

Man i think they should chill out with the consols we have for more time dont you think? I mean why more? were fine right now why more consoles an i can assure you they are going to be expensive as Sh@* thats my opinion

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61.6.2004 10:35

My favorite console is the one that has my favorite games on it. It used to be ps2, but now it's probably a tie between ps2 and xbox. Both have exclusive games that I want to play. The reason Xbox did poorly in the beginning is because its games sucked, besides halo which is also out for pc. I doubt that will happen to sony. In the next generation sony should have the superior console, technology wise, but games wise we'll have to see.

71.6.2004 11:09

sony is using bluray in there new games so we shall see what happens- im not sure about x box, but bluray could definately be the edge.

82.6.2004 0:30

I like X box but I like the PS2 Games way better I can't wait til the new game systems come out. Anyone know where to get a glimpse of the game console?

914.7.2004 21:29

apparently it has long since been confirmed, two versions of the PS3. I bet u all knew that before me:) The one version for only movies and games should run 240$ and the nick named (on a lot of gamers forums) super station, will supposedly have a huge HD, dvd burner, DVR (tv recorder) and will pack a ton of special futures for a whopping price of 800 bux. the xbox 2 will have 3 x 3.5 gig chips, but who would be able to pay 599 for one?? i am hoping maybe they also make a second version of the xbox for say 250, with 2x 3.0 gigz chips. BTW, i know a lot about the movie biz, and the HD dvd (by the way, you will apparently be able to cram your dvd movies onto the HD DVD, which can hold almost 25 gigz) is battling it out with the blu-ray to replace the dvd, however it looks like after a winner is proclaimed, these film format wars will finally end, let's all hope so!!

1016.7.2004 14:16

I hope they build this one better than the ps2 and as good as the ps1 and we will all be happy chappys

1116.7.2004 14:18

my only wish is that nintendo relizes that games arent just for little kids anymore and stops cranking out mario remakes.

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