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Sony updates the PSX product line

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 16 Jun 2004 9:38 User comments (4)

Sony updates the PSX product line The new models DESR-5100 and DESR-7100 offer improved user interface and the ability to add 'DVD style' menus for content copied from the unit's HD to a DVD recordable. Also, the device now features an analog satellite TV tuner and technology to improve reception quality of the terrestrial transmission tuner. According to Sony, a software update will be released on July 15th, in order to bring the original models up-to-date.
The new PSXs will ship in the standard white styling, but the 5100 will also be made available in a silver finish for a limited period, Sony said. Japanese punters should expect to pay around 74,000 ($676/369) for the 160GB model or 95,000 ($868/474) for the 250GB 7100.
.. The PSX is expected to ship in Europe by the end of the year.Source: The Register

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4 user comments

117.6.2004 16:32

Jesus Christ, we do not want another fancy schmachy looking PS2 which costs a hell of a lot more than what it's worth. We want PS3. Now stop the fucking delays and get it released!!! >:D

218.6.2004 21:02

NO KIDDING! if people want an HDTV tuner, they'll buy one with their TV! if people want a DVD recorder, they'll buy one! We don't need an all-in-one media center here SONY! just a new playstation!!! is that too much to ask? I am a HUGE sony fan, but this new psx is quite disappointing.

325.8.2004 11:33

what the fuks that meant to be

425.8.2004 21:24

Don't post useless garbage.

Everyone is entitled to their own true opinion. Either respect that or don't.

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