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Steve Jobs sceptical regarding HD-DVD

Written by Jari Ketola @ 16 Jun 2004 17:23 User comments (3)

Steve Jobs sceptical regarding HD-DVD According to reports from a private meeting held between Hollywood and technology executives, Steve Jobs urges movie studios not to license content for HD-DVD right off the bat. Instead the movie industry should wait until they can be assured by the technology companies that the HD-DVD movies cannot be copied using the HD-DVD burners, which are bound to come along sooner or later.
Jobs, who appeared more as the CEO of Pixar, even went so far as to say that high-definition DVD burners should not be bundled with computers at all unless the piracy concerns are properly addressed. Mac Observer's article, which quotes the Wall Street Journal, doesn't specify what sort of assurances Jobs would require.

Source: Mac Observer

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3 user comments

116.6.2004 21:28

thanks steve. that sounds paranoid to the point of needing medical attention. if they hold off hd-dvd for the purpose of making it "pirate proof", we wont be using optical discs anymore, cars will run on water, and frankie muniz will be on his second term in the white house. the only truely safe digital media is one that cannot be displayed at all by the end user. im running out of clever analogies for these retarted businessmen's halucinations of fear. the bottom line is this...they percieve P2P etc. as money that they would be making if it werent available to the "pirates" for free. as we all know its a misguided notion. it seems that men with so much money and power (oh, same thing, sorry) would realize that 60 million people would not rush to itunes and tower records to buy 1 billion cds(or single songs as the number probably reflects) and dvds a month. what a surge of profit that would be. in fact, if that happened they would probably start charging $25 for cds and $50 for single dvds. why not? no other options. sorry to steve jobs. the super large easy profit days from other peoples "intelectual property" are gone. however, the artist will still get screwed. that remains the same- P2P is only a scapegoat for the industries actions since the begining of recorded music/visual. almost a century of abuse. the formula = rich guy foots the bill for artist guy to complete his work. artist guy is "work for hire" and has no rights to his invention. rich guy pays artist guy some money, but not enough to ripple the immediate/lifetime profit margin. rich guy makes money for only having money, good lawyers, heavy handed contracts, lobbyist in congress, and a host of exemptions from laws that govern other industries. oh and they fail to pay negotiated royalties 90% of the time or more. so artist works at taco bell(no offense to anyone) till he is 75. back on point- to delay the rollout of an upgraded technology that will make both industries billions is just bad business. this is one of the dumbest things ive ever read. not only being paranoid of past and present technology, but technology that is not yet available. i think these people are gonna start having heart attacks and mental break downs from worry. this is like a bar fight between steve urkle and mike tyson. the outcome is already decided!!! ;)

217.6.2004 5:55

Nice post, I would have to agree with you.

317.6.2004 9:21

I also agree, except for the Urkle and Tyson bar fight. If Steve got in a lucky punch.. I dunno. Could be an upset... Only in America!!!

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