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Napster gives away free RIO MP3 players

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 17 Jun 2004 8:45 User comments (1)

Napster gives away free RIO MP3 players Napster, the original music sharing software, hasn't been so popular during it's legit and commercial age. A bunch of economically strong companies have entered the online music sales business, lead of course by the Apple iTunes. But now Napster introduces a seriously attractive bonus for their new customers - how about a free 128mb RIO Chiba Sport MP3 player to go with your subscription?
In order to get your player, one must subscribe 1 year of Napster service. But there is also an option to invest $80 more and one will get a RIO Nitrus with mighty 1.5gB of storage for music.

A brave marketing move to gather more customers, or is Napster once again shaping the future business models? It has been suggested by several analysts that in the future we do not pay for the IT hardware, but the service subscription fees instead.

Check out for more details, and the limited time RIO offer.

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117.6.2004 16:34

Wow nice! If they're going this far that means they're doing really badly in the market =P This deal is goddamn tempting than it ever was before... Thing is, I still hear people complaining about $0.99 a song. Let's face it, any complaining on that matter is just simply "whining" or "trying to find something to argue about but failing horribly making yourself sound lame"

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