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Sony to pilot DVD/CD hybrids in the UK?

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 28 Jun 2004 11:56 User comments (4)

Sony to pilot DVD/CD hybrids in the UK? The so called DualDisc is one of the proposed solutions to fill in the gap between the Compact Disc and the DVD age, as music industry and consumers have been quite slow in adapting to the next generation technology.
DualDisc essentially involves sticking a CD onto the back of the DVD Video or DVD Audio disc. The CD Audio layer is thinner than a Compact Disc, to ensure the DualDisc falls within the DVD specification thickness of 1.5mm.
DualDisc was devised as a way of adding backward compatibility to new audio disc format. For the labels, that allows them to ship a single product rather than separate DVD Audio and CD releases, and ensures consumers can build second-generation audio collections before they switch to new hardware.Source: The Register

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4 user comments

128.6.2004 14:23

Sorry.... Too little, too late, too different in format, too unnecessary, another hopelessly doomed and useless format we don't need/want geared to separate you from more of your disposable cash just because it's another 'new' idea. Just put the damned music on the dvd-video side, DD 5.1 will do, and sell the cd separately, and keep the high-definition DVD-Audio and/or SACD's separate, thank you very much. No offense..... I've never seen so many proposed bonehead formats in my life. EZ-D, anyone?

229.6.2004 4:18

Totally agree they should stick to what we all know best and stop trying to get an extra buck out of us for something new which is basicly the same just in yet another format.I know we are like to have different choice's as were all individuals.However this is now going to start getting more and more confusing.

329.6.2004 8:18

Maybe next they'll stick a toilet on the back of a car and call it a public toilet vehicle. With the Sony tag of course.

429.6.2004 8:57

Yep, and don't forget - you'll need a "license" to use the toilet. Without it, the lid won't open. As well, you won't be able to install the toilet on any other car. You have to use the car on which it was installed. If you try to use a friend's car, the toilet won't flush. (I think you can get a demo-toilet though - good for 30 days or 200 flushes, whichever comes first). I believe Apple will be coming out soon with their own version: "iFlush" :-)

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