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P2P lawsuits filed in France

Written by Jari Ketola @ 29 Jun 2004 16:04 User comments (2)

P2P lawsuits filed in France According to ITIC the General Manager of SCPP (Société Civile des Producteurs Phonographiques, the French RIAA) Marc Guez has announced that about 20 "John Doe" suits have been filled in Paris and other provinces of France against copyright infringers. The lawsuits are seen as a prelude to more lawsuits expected to be filed in September.
More than 200 people have already been sued for P2P copyright infringements in Europe. Some of them have settled out of court, while other cases are still in process. Copyright infringement might lead to a sentence of 3 years in prison and up to 300,000 euros ($365,000) in fines in French penal court. The plaintiffs can seek further compensation for their damages in civil court. According to ITIC it is not possible to settle a case out of court in France.

Source: ITIC

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2 user comments

130.6.2004 12:33

Wow 3 years in prison or a 1/3 of a million. Just for sharing a few songs?

22.7.2004 5:50

3 years for sharing songs is alot. I think p2p programs should be to blame, we arent doing anything rong in my opinion. All my are doing is sharing our files........

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