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New version of FFDSHOW released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 19 Jul 2004 14:24

Once again the great, open sourced video decoder FFDSHOW, has been updated to a new version. The new version, FFDSHOW 2004-07-18, contains massive changelog, just as always with FFDSHOW. The changelog is here:
  • matrix mixer supports more sample formats (untested)
  • VC6 compilation fixed (very likely VC6 support will be dropped after VS.NET 2005 will be released)
  • templatized matrix mixer
  • DivX 5.2 DirectShow decoder fitler has extremly high merit - raised ffdshow's to be higher by one
  • noise shaping and dithering when converting from float to integer samples
  • selectable output audio sample format
  • optimized mixer matrix multiplication
  • warnings fixes, SSE denoise3d compilation disablen on MSVC 6 in release mode, mixer crash fixed
  • working on mixer filter
  • use libavcodec audio resampling functions
  • reserve few bytes at the end of input audio buffer
  • subtitle lines split fix, compilation fixes
  • working on audio upsampling
  • float raw audio samples fix
  • mixer order can be changed
  • volume filter handles more sample formats
  • AVIS audio input (DirectShow) accepts more sample formats
  • accept floating point uncompressed audio
  • more bit depth conversions
  • working on audio sample bit depth conversion
  • decss audio input pin (copied from Media Player Classis)
  • better handle audio format changes during playback
  • check for new sample creation success
  • don't trust supplied ac3 channel number info
  • merging optimized routines from mplayer's liba52
  • luma offset fix by Andy
  • clear input buffer when decoding audio using libavcodec
  • better keyboard handling in codecs and keys pages
  • mmx2 HQ denoise3d works in release more only
  • few fixes and mmx2 HQ denoise3d (currently disabled) by Andy
  • possibility to create "core" and "addons" instalation packages
  • fixed aac decoding, imported faad2 library
  • better ac3 support
  • working on liba52 integration
  • multithreaded encoding using libavcodec
  • updated mp3lib and postproc
  • split long subtitle lines
  • updated libavcodec - h.264 decoding fix, support for AVC1 FOURCC - official FOURCC for mpeg4 avc video
  • MSS2 support in VFW
  • logoaway processes chroma planes¨
Download the latest version from here:

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